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Chair Yoga For Dementia

Chair Yoga For Dementia

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

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Stacie Dooreck was born vegetarian with a yogic upbringing and teaching yoga since 1994. She is author of SunLight Chair Yoga: yoga for everyone! books and DVD and created the SunLight Chair Yoga: yoga for everyone! teacher trainings. Stacie teaches for assisted-living homes, companies, libraries and community centers in Bay Area CA and teaches her chair yoga teacher trainings at various ashrams.

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Contact Stacie Dooreck

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Email: info@sunlightyoga.com

Tel: 415.68.YOGA.8 (415.689.6428)



How to Communicate with a Person with Dementia DC_031917_How_to_communicate_with_a_person_with_dementia_SNAP

Today we had an interesting conversation regarding communication.  You will here from those diagnosed and what they think about all the tips given by “Professionals” to communicate with them.  You will gain insights which will help you care better.  Learn how their senses change, how their emotions and behaviors are affect by their surroundings and how that impacts them in their daily living.

Thank You To Our Experts Living With Dementia:

Michael Ellenbogen, Paulan Gordon, Truthful Loving Kindness, Brian LeBlanc, Laurie Scherrer, Mary Howard, Susan Suchan and Harry Urban

For Additional Educational Videos Click Below

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Friendship The Art of the Practice – Book Review    

By Lori La Bey of Senior Lifestyle Trends

Friendship the Art of the Practice

Last Friday I went to the book launch of two friends Nancy Chakrin and Laurie Ellis-Young, at the Marsh, in Minnetonka.  Their book “FRIENDSHIP the Art of the Practice,” is absolutely incredible!  It is a celebration of Friendship at its finest.  The photography is magical and a gift in and of itself.  Nancy Chakrin has captured Laurie Ellis-Young and others in exquisite yoga poses in interesting locations throughout the world.  Beautiful quotes which reflect friendship, are positioned a long side each photograph.  All this for under $10.00. 

This is a fabulous gift which has the quality of a high-priced table top book, only in a smaller more intimate style.  If you are looking for a great way to tell a friend just how much they mean to you, you won’t go wrong purchasing this book.  I bought several that evening and I encourage you to do the same.  As a society we tend not to tell people how much they mean to us.  Be proactive and make your friends day special by giving them the book “Friendship the Art of the Practice.”

FRIENSHIP The Art of the Practice

By Laurie Ellis-Young & Nancy Chakrin

Hard Cover with dust jacket, 80 Pages, $9.95 

This collection of dazzling photos captures friends practicing yoga in spectacular settings around the world. The photographs are coupled with uplifting quotes celebrating the sometimes simple and sometimes complex connections that form from the cherished practice of friendship.

Links to purchase the book:

On Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource site  http://www.alzheimersspeaks.com/idx/links/topicDetails.asp?id=169&words=friendship

or go directly to the Tristan Publishers site at:  http://www.tristanpublishing.com/books/bookDetail.asp?modelID=58

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