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Glen Campbell’s Film “I’ll Be Me” Is Out And Worth Seeing!

Glen Campbell’s Film

“I’ll Be Me”

You Will Laugh and Cry,

But Most Of All

You Will Be Touched

By This Powerful Film

Call a theater close to you to find out if the movie is playing.

If Not, Let Them Know It Should Be!

Normally, I’m not a big fan of celebrity advocacy for dementia.  I know many will say big names equal a big following, but when it comes to dementia we need more then people showing up one time for a performance to be entertained.

We need people that are going to be emotionally touched by a celebrity performance or advocacy. Touched in a way that lasts long beyond walking out of a theater or event.  One which shifts their perceptions and educates them at the same time.  One that makes people think.  One having a strong impact getting people wanting to discuss what they have just experienced.  One that ignites a passion to join a cause effecting so many.  One that develops compassion and creativity to make a difference.

Glen Campbell’s Documentary, “I’ll Be Me,” Does Just That! 

Kudos to Glen, his wife Kim, his children, friends and peers in the music industry.  Each of you played a powerful role in raising awareness for Dementia.  You showed the true impact this disease has on everyday relationships. How it changes lives no matter who you are. How popular you’ve been or are, how much money made or currently have, where you live, how old you are… and the list goes on….

Nothing Can Protect You From This Disease. 

My hope is that one day soon one of the many big names in this film will take the bull by the horns and pull together a fund raising single, like a “We Are The World,” the benefit single for victims of famine in Africa. It raised over $60 Million, which was distributed to Ethiopia, Sudan, and other impoverished countries.  Or better yet maybe a “Live Aid Concert for Dementia!”  With so much talent, being just as vulnerable to this disease as the rest of us, they could truly make a huge impact on finding a cure and providing support services for those living with the disease.

Just a few of the stars featured in this film who know and love Glen Campbell are:  Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, The Edge, Paul McCartney, Jay Leno, Vince Gill, Jimmy Webb, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Steve Martin, Chad Smith and Taylor Swift.  If you know any of these influential people or others in power positions, please reach out to them and have a conversation about pulling a star studded group together to raise funds to improve lives of people around he world. It is done all the time for major disasters.

 This Is A Major Disaster. 

It just doesn’t happen to be weather or war related.  This is an international health crisis which will touch everyone in their lifetime on some level. A person every 4 seconds somewhere in the world is diagnosed with dementia. The numbers are frightening and our budgets to dealing with both research dollars and social support are embarrassingly low!  It is time to come together as world.  To join forces to improve lives and really make a difference.

There Is No Escaping It!

Here is where the show is playing in my area in Minnesota

Marcus Theater – Oakdale, MN

AMC Southdale – Edina , MN

Regal Brooklyn Center Stadium 20 – Brooklyn Center, MN

lori_with_radioFor all of those involved or who wished they would have been involved in this film, or for those like me who just saw the the film; I would love to have you on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio to discuss why you felt this was an important film and how it had an impact on your life, what you are willing to commit to, to help raise awareness and educate others or to help support those dealing with the disease.  What you would like to see in the future regarding dementia. What ideas do you have to make a difference to help shift our care culture?

Contact Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks to be part of a radio show.  I would actually love to set a special 2 hour show to allow people time to reflect and share their thoughts across the globe.  For those of you that know me, you know I feel strongly about having open and honest conversations which allow us to shift our care culture for Dementia from Crisis to Comfort.

Kudos to the Glen Campbell family and those involved in making this incredibly honest film.  What a beautiful gift to the world this was.

I’m sure the family has taken some heat for exposing this disease and what some might say as “using” Glen in the process.  I know what that feels like. It’s awful.  My own mother had the disease for 30 years.  We had plenty of time to discuss how to leverage an awful disease, an awful situation and make it beneficial to others. There is power in having purpose.  Glen shinned through in this film even as the disease nibbled away at him.  Glen had purpose.  He was able to link to what he loved and could do it way longer then the doctors ever imagined possible. Sharing true loving stories of real life is never a bad things, once we step outside our egos and understand it’s for the greater good.

Again, I say “Kudos Campbell family for having the strength and courage to make Glen’s life full as well as his family, friends and fans doing what he loved for as long as he could.”

Dementia Knows No Boundaries.

We Shouldn’t Either.

So Join the Global Cause

To Shift Our Dementia Care From Crisis to Comfort

SocialMedia081114_purpleangel_carousel TMClick Above To Learn More About The Purple Angel Project

A Big THANK YOU To National Tour Sponsors

Of  “I’ll Be Me”

PointClickCare, Pathway Health, CliftonLarsonAllen, Covenant Health Network, HJ Sims, Essential Decisions, Inc., Attitude Edge Companies, Messerli & Kramer P.A., Disney Family Fund, Easter Seals, Leading Age and to our Minnesota Sponsors where I saw the film: UCare, Volunteers of America, Mayo Clinic, Open Heart Foundation and Aging Services of Minnesota

For More Information On Dementia and Caregiving

Click Below and Check Out Alzheimer’s Speaks


Click Below For a Special Holiday CD

Designed With New Technology

For Those With Dementia

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Grandma Turns 84 Today…

The Cake Glows

Today my family gathered to celebrate my Mothers 84th Birthday.  Never in my wildest dreams would I think we would still be so blessed to have her with us.  You see Moms journey with memory loss started a little over 30 years ago.   For almost eleven years  now she has lived at Maplewood Care Center, a Volunteers of America Nursing Home where she has received wonderful care.

Personally I believe the social environment they have provided has allowed my Mother to live a longer and fuller life then if she would have lived at home with us, which was our original plan.

Check out the cake.  It looks like there is a light on top of it because of all of the candles!  It just glows…LOL  I was getting nervous we were literally going to set off the smoke detectors when we blew out the candles.

Years ago I didn’t consider or even know to put into the equation of care, the importance of ones social environment.  I just assumed living with family would be best for her.  We were closest to her. We knew her the best. We were the ones that loved her.  We wanted to care for her and… the list goes on.

What I know now after thirty years of being a caregiver for someone with memory loss; is that all the best intentions don’t necessarily add up to good care; let alone great care.  I now realize the true value of having peers for the person with dementia to interact with.  Family and peers are not the same even though each may love the person with memory loss.  Peers have common interests and typically common levels of interaction and abilities. They enjoy being together, not that family doesn’t but often with family we are trying to juggle to fit everything and everyone into a tight schedule.  There is a different dynamic with history and expectations.  Staff too can be an added value as they don’t feel the loss that many times is difficult for families to deal with.  They are able to accept the person for who they are today with whatever skill set they have.  There is not the personal attachment of loss and grief for what was, which is normal for families and friends to struggle with, but rather an appreciation for what “is” today, in the moment.

Think about what bonds you to your circle of friends?  What is it about these people that you love?  Would you ever be willing to give them up?  For most of us that answer is no.  Yet when someone is ill or aging it is a common request we ask of our loved one.  I caution the importance of peers.  The ability to fit in.  The ability to be accepted by those in your community and living environment. The importance of feeling purpose filled.  Is the environment truly a good match for the person in question?  Or is it a dutiful task you are trying to cover?  Is it a matter of trying to save money? Is it that you are not ready to accept things have changed?

Many things come into play.  I caution you to look at your situation closely and be honest with the options at hand, the impact of each and your personal motivation behind each you are considering.  Remember, this decision should be about what is best for them, not what you will feel more comfortable with or that which makes your life easier.

No matter what decision you come to, remember change typically needs an adjustment period. Change with dementia is inevitable and constant.  If  the person continues to live at home, if they move in with another family member or friend, you hire in home health care or they move into a community geared for their needs.  Be smart enough to allow that period of adjust for each of you before you start second guessing things.

And whatever you do, please try hard to appreciate the simple pleasures before you that are the foundation of your relationship with the person with memory loss.  Today I shared with my younger brother Scott several videos I’ve taken of Mom.  I decided to share these with  him as he was struggling with Moms decline.  The videos showed him Mom is still in that body that Alzheimer’s disease has kidnapped.

Scott was able to smile and a softness came over him.  He was able to see  his “Old Mom” come alive in brief moments of humor, or simple statements or facial expressions that were hers since we’ve been young.  He saw Mom able to connect on video, even if in new ways.  He seemed to feel the connection with her as he watched, and I felt a calmness come over him as his fears  and guilt seemed to leave the room, allowing him to love and  appreciate the simpliness of our Mother and the core of her soul that remains and is present when we look for it.

My Brother Scott and Mom

Here are some pictures of our party.  We had lots of food from Sushi to Sloppy Joes, which I have to admit I make awesome batch of.  “It’s the mustard” my Mom would say, “and just a bit of sugar!”

May you each be blessed to seek out and

find the simple moments that matter

so much to each of us.

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J. Arthur’s Memory Cafe

Dedicates a Song to

the UK Memory Cafes

In celebration of the holiday season, we at J. Arthur’s Memory Café in Roseville, Minnesota felt it was only right to show our appreciation to the UK Memory Cafés for so graciously sharing their Memory Café Concept with us. 

We are filled with Gratitude!

Although many of our members were not able to join us due to busy holiday schedule, others gladly came out to show their support in our silly but very sincere video to the UK. 

Below are the lyrics to:

The 12 Days of Christmas Memory Café Song©

of Lori La Bey and Alzheimer’s Speak Dec 2011

We encourage you to make you own version supporting the Memory Cafes and send it to us. Let’s see how many versions we can collect while raising awareness at the same time!


The 12 Days of Christmas Memory Café Song©

On the 1st day of Christmas the UK Gave to us

(And) A Brilliant Memory Cafe

On the 2nd day of Christmas the UK Gave to us


On the 3rd day of Christmas the UK Gave to us

Reason for Hope

On the 4th day of Christmas the UK Gave to us

Needs to Fill

On the 5th day of Christmas the UK Said to us

Work Together

On the 6th day of Christmas the UK Gave to us

Joy in Our Hearts

On the 7th day of Christmas the UK Gave to us

Lasting Friendships

On the 8th day of Christmas the UK Said to us

Find Those in Need

On the 9th day of Christmas the UK Saw in us

Increased Excitement

On the 10th day of Christmas the UK Gave to us

Safety Net for Many

On the 11th day of Christmas the UK Said to us

Thankful People Coming

On the 12th day of Christmas the UK Said to us

Build with Community

A Special Thank you to

Our Memory Café Choir:

Deb Nygaard, Eric Olson, Barb Meyer,

and Charlie Meyerson Representing:

ACR Healthcare Group


Arthur’s White Pines Residential Care


ACR At Home Health Care


ACR Homes


J. Arthur’s Coffee Shop


J. Arthur’s Memory Café


Anita Jader Representing:

Anita Jader Photography


Christine Pulkrabek Representing:

Regions Hospital Foundation


Alzheimer’s Research Center


Health Partners Center for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care


Minnesota Memory Project


J. Arthur’s Memory Café


Danielle La Bey Representing:

Volunteers of America The Homestead


and Maplewood Care Center who will be opening a Memory Café in 2012


Dr. Dale Anderson Representing:

Act Happy


Annie Anderson Representing:



Greg Pederson Representing:

J. Arthur’s Memory Café


Judy McCabe Representing:

Realty Associates

Email Judy

Lori La Bey Representing:

Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Website


Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog


Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio


Alzheimer’s Speaks Youtube


J. Arthur’s Memory Café


Happy Holidays!

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Mom Enjoys the “State Fair” at the Nursing Home

An Incredible Experience For All!

Once again my Mother’s nursing home, Maplewood Care Center  (part of Volunteers of America) along with their sister company The Homestead  (An Assisted Living and Memory Care Community) blew me away with one of their events.  AS summer is coming to an end Minnesotans always look forward to the State Fair no matter where they live.  Given this fact, The nursing home and Assisted Living pulled off an amazing event for residents, staff and family to enjoy.  I don’t even have to say anymore just look at the pictures…

 Great fun for all!

Petting Zoo,  Cheese Curds, Face Painting, Water Park, Mini Golf,  Homemade    Cookies,  Ice Cream,  Mini donuts, Soda Fountain, Horticulture Awards,  Arts & Crafts, Arcade,  Music –   Elvis even showed up! and more…

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