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Register For The FREE Telesummit on Dementia Feb 10th -15th


The “Triumphing Over the Isolation of Alzheimer’s Telesummit: Simple Solutions for Family and Professional Caregivers” is a 5-day online event with leading experts providing the information and resources you need to evaluate your needs, identify action steps and find solutions!  There is a great line up of speakers. (Please note the schedule could change.)

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Mon, Feb 10 8PM   INA GILMORE MD   Welcome and Overview
  9PM   LORI LA BEY   Improving Dementia Care Through Economical & Global Collaborations
  10PM   JANET EDMUNSON   Importance of Positive Emotions for Caregivers
Tues, Feb 11 8PM   JAMES CREASY   Jiminy Wicket and Through Hoops to Hope
  9PM   KIRTI KHALSA   The 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention
  10PM   MICHAEL ELLENBOGEN   Living With Alzheimer’s
Wed., Feb 12 8PM   CATHIE BORRIE   The Long Hello of Alzheimer’s
  9PM   ELLAYNE GANZFRIED   Let’s Communicate: Strategies for Caregivers
  10PM   MARC WORTMANN    The Global Alzheimer Movement 
Thurs, Feb 13 8PM   LISA HIRSCH   My Mom My Hero
  9PM   TOM & KAREN BRENNER   You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello: The Montessori Method for Positive Dementia Care
  10PM   DENNIS STACK   Building Legacies Saves Memories and Unites Families
Fri, Feb 14 8PM   GARY LE BLANC   Alzheimer’s/Dementia Hospital Wristband Program
  9PM   HARRY URBAN   My Thoughts On Dementia
  10PM   DENISE CRAIG   Young Onset Dementia Support Group – Facebook
BONUS TALK          
Sat, Feb 15 2PM   ISRAEL ELLEN   The Six Pillars of Brain Health

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Authors Tom & Karen Brenner will be our first guests today to discuss their new book

“You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello – The Montessori Method for Positive Dementia Care.”


We would love to for you to join the conversation.  What questions do you have?

Contact the Brenners via:

Brenners logo

tandkbrenner@gmail.com          www.brennerpathways.org

Our second guest today will be Ellen Gerst a grief and relationship coach. Using a combination of her personal experience as a young widow and her professional expertise, she assists clients and readers to look at challenging life circumstances from different perspectives. We will be discussing Why children get so angry at their parents in order to understand Grief and Caregiving. Please feel free to call in or use the chat box to let us know your thoughts.

Ellen Gerst profile picture

Check Out Ellen’s Website:


Ellen’s New Book – Understanding Dementia and Caregiving for Your Aging Parents From A to Z

Soft cover:        Kindle:        Nook:

For Additional Information Checkout Our Website


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