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Musician’s Record 4 Songs on Dementia & Caregiving

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Awareness Songs

bakhus_4_songs_coverBakhus Saba, a caregiver himself for his mother with dementia and his musicians Friends co-wrote 4 Songs to help advocate for Dementia/Alzheimer’s. They are now available on CD Baby -4 Artist’s come together to bring awareness to Dementia/Alzheimer’s through music. John Law sings (The Laws) Still a Child a song on how difficult it is to place a loved one in Long term care. You Are Here Karen Morand sings a song about Younger Onset. Joan Charette sings Love is the Cure a song about couples facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s, and David Light Sings Stay for a Little While bringing out the message how visits by Children to loved ones living with Dementia is so important in their daily lives.

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Song “Still A Child” Shows

Struggles Of Placing A Parent In Care

Listen to the radio interview on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio with Bakhus Saba and John and Michele Law songwriters and musicians.

Bakhus Saba Songwriter

Contact Information:

View the music video on Youtube: 


To purchase the song click on the link below:


You can reach John and Michele Law and Bakhus Saba

through The Laws Website:


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