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Dementia Chats Educational Webinar Recorded Session – March 10th 2015

Dementia Chats Educational Webinar

Recorded Session – March 10th, 2015

031015_DC_snap_dena_robert_Paulan_robert_eilon click_above_watch_recorded_webinarToday we discussed our healthcare system with our experts living with the diagnosis of dementia.  How do we get doctors and medical professionals to get educated and knowledgeable not only about dementia specific to their specialty, but to  find out and provide supportive services to assist those dealing with the disease.  Many great examples were given and strategies were discussed in this hour long session.

For more information on the Dementia Chats Educational Webinar Series, CLICK HERE

For & Information on Dementia & Caregiving


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Remember I Can’t Remember Authors, Plus The Remember Together Program by AFA

Join The Conversation On


112514 ASR REmember I can't Remember and AFAClick Above To Go to The Show

Live at 11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST

and 4pm London Time!

Alzheimer’s Speaks is an advocacy group promoting awareness and education to all around the world. We believe all voices need to be heard if we are to make a shift in our care culture.

eric heather anderson picOur first guests will be Eric and Heather Anderson, Authors of “Remember I Can’t Remember.”  Through their life journeys, caregiving has been one of most amazing and fulfilling one they have ever experienced. Learn how and why this happened.

eirc heather book coverWe hope you will join the conversation!

Contact Eric and Heather           Website








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are lucky to have as our second guest Charles Fuschillo, president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  We will discuss their highly successful Memory Screening and their “Remember Together” Programs; along with other efforts shifting our dementia care culture.


Contact the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

AFAlogo HIRes

Website      Phone: 866-232-8484      Facebook

Great In The Christmas Spirit

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What Does Dementia, The Flu Epidemic, The Fiscal Cliff

and all the Mass Shootings Have in Common?


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Person Centered Care &

Dementia Beyond Drugs

Listen to this great conversation with two of the worlds leading experts in Dementia care. Click Here to Listen

allen_powers_picToday we were honored to have Dr. G. Allen Power, Author of the book “Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care.” Dr Power’s is an Eden Mentor at St. John’s Home in Rochester, NY, and a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester with us. He is a board certified internist and , and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians / American Society for Internal

Dementia_without_drugs_book_coverYou can reach Dr. Power at the following links:


judy_berryOur Second guest will be Judy Berry, Founder of Lakeview Ranch an amazing residential community that specializes in dementia care.  Judy was awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with the 2010 Community Health Leaders Award.  In 2011, Judy was presented the Purpose Prize Honor Americans Over Age 60 for Making an Extraordinary Impact in their Encore Careers.  She is truly an amazing woman doing wonderful things to provide true person centered care.

lakeview_ranch_logoYou can reach Judy Berry at the following:


Check Out Alzheimer’s Speaks

International Collaborative

Resource Directory



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Talking Turkey on Best Practices

For Dementia

I truly enjoyed the conversation with our guests today.  I get so excited hearing all the wonderful few things people are exploring to improve our Dementia Care Culture.  Listen to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and see what you think about the conversations.

Abe’s Garden is getting closer to becoming a reality.  Join us to hear the updates and what we can expect from this first of it’s kind facility for those with dementia.  What will set Abe’s Garden apart from other memory loss and daycare communities?  Listen in and find out and what Chairman of the Board, Michael Shmerling and Andrew Sandler, Executive Director and CEO of Abe’s Garden have to say.

Michael Schmerling

Dr. Andrew Sandler

Contact Abe’s Garden

Bethany Buchanan is the owner and the Director of Nursing of Grace Homes Residential Care Home for Seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Bethany will explain more about how her care home is different and what she has found to work best for those with Dementia.  We will talk specifically on the chore program they use at Grace Homes             Contact Grace Homes

I get asked all the time about clinical trials and so I want to pass on this new one rolling out, by Tau RX Therapeutics, which is in it’s 3rd stage.  Here is a link which will bring you to a recorded webinar which will give you some great information so you can decide it this might be something of interest for you or your  loved one.

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Named

                 #1 Influencer Online For Alzheimer’s

WOW!  What an honor to be amongst such wonderful colleagues,  all on a mission to shift our Dementia Care Culture.  Sharecare announced their Top Ten List for 2012.  See below who you should be following for the best information on Alzheimer’s Disease.  Don’t forget to follow Sharecare as well as they track the Top 10 Influencers in many health and wellness categories.  For the Full Article CLICK HERE.  

This goes to show we are gaining ground in the arena of Dementia,  Join The battle and help us fight the stigmas and find tools and tips for living with Alzheimer’s and of course our end goal is to secure a cure!



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Dr. Gordon Atherley interviews Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, Lori La Bey.  Dr. Atherley syndicated radio show in Canada reaches people worldwide searching for answers and resources for care partnering.  We highly encourage you to check out his show.

Click Here to Listen to the Show

Let us know what you think of Lori’s show and others you decide to listen too.  Dr. Atherley and Lori talk about sharing resources for dementia care and how we can work together globally to shift our dementia care culture by sharing our individual knowledge and insights.  Please check out the Alzheimer’s Speaks International Collaborative Resource website.  We would love you to join forces with us to make a difference.

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Join The Conversation On

Saturday September 8th

3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 12 Noon PST

This  session we will be discussing Dementia Awareness and like always We Want To Hear From You!

Dementia Chats™ was created with the intention to educate people living with dementia; their care partners both family and friends as well as professionals and advocates.

Our mission is to Shift Our Dementia Care Culture™, around the world. Our goal is to remove stigmas related to the disease by engaging people in conversation, answering their questions, listening to their comments and raising awareness in a positive light. We are firm believers in giving hope and empowering others to live with the disease not as the disease.  The general format of the sessions is interview style.

It’s easy to join us.  You just have to have internet access.   Click Here to join the session.  I recommend you hop on about 10 minutes early to secure your spot.  If you would like instructions and more information about us  Click Here   At this link you will be brought to the Alzheimer’s Speaks website. The graphic below, will guide you via the ARROW as to where to click on this page to enter the webinar.


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If you missed the Dementia Chats Session today, there is no need to worry.  All sessions are FREE and recorded for your convenience.  You can go to the Alzheimer’s Speaks website to find past recordings and handouts, along with upcoming sessions.  Here is the direct link to the page where you can find the links and handouts.  We all hope you find the discussion helpful.

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Hi Everyone,

Lori La Bey Host of
Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

I don’t often write to ask for your help, but this is one of those times I must reach out to you.  One of the biggest advocates for dementia, Norrms McNamara has been BANNED FROM FACEBOOK.

 One man can make a difference. 

Norrms has proven that and you can too!

Norrms McNamara,  knows of which he speaks. 

He lives with the disease and has honored us all by allowing us an inside peak as to what life is like with dementia.  Norrms has helped so many people world wide with his beautiful poetry and prose, but even more so for his unwavering commitment to shift our dementia care culture world wide.

Norrms was the voice who shared with me the concept of the Memory Cafe which I brought over to the US and now they are popping up all over, as the need is so great for this new type of social support for people living with memory loss.

Norrms started Dementia Awareness Day last year and it has grow and gotten the support of individuals and communities world wide.  Here is the link for more information on Dementia Awareness Day.

This is a man who is working on dementia friendly communities and business models over in the UK.  His insights are many, his passion is endless and his purpose is powerful.

Please watch the video and then sign the petition for Norrms voice to be heard on facebook.  Facebook allows Norrms to make connections to people, organizations and communities in need; which would not be possible through other means.  Is that not one of the largest benefits to Facebook?  United people around the world…I sure  think so!  Norrms isn’t selling anything but hope and new ways to live with a disease that torments so many.  Please let his gift to the world continue.

One man can make a difference. 

Norrms has proven that and you can too!

Here is the Link to the Petition

Thank You for Your Help!

Lori La Bey


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