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Sharecare, a leading provider of health and wellness information partners with Alzheimer’s Speaks to expand resources on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


ATLANTA and MINNEAPOLIS, FEB. 11th, 2013Sharecare, a health and wellness social media platform that connects people with leading medical experts, today announced that Alzheimer’s Speaks has been named a Premier Partner. Alzheimer’s Speaks is the leading provider of information and social media communities for those coping with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

As a Premier Partner, Alzheimer’s Speaks will make available its vast library of information about living with and caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease through its multiple distribution platforms, which include blogs, radio, webinars, videos, consulting, live events, long distance learning, training and websites.

In November 2012, Alzheimer’s Speaks was recognized as the #1 Online Influencer for Alzheimer’s Disease by Sharecare.

Through its multi-channel platform and Premier Partners, Sharecare gives people accurate, clear and concise health and wellness information.  People with questions about their health and who need the right answers all in one place, turn to Sharecare. The information is presented with multiple points of view, is simple to navigate, and easy to act upon.

“Our association with Alzheimer’s Speaks is a game changer,” said Donna Hill Howes, senior vice president of Sharecare. “Alzheimer’s Speaks has a large repository of content and has impressive distribution channels for information regarding Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our partnership will benefit the millions of people who come to Sharecare monthly including Alzheimer’s patients, family members and professionals who need accurate and up-to-date information about the disease.”

“This new partnership has the potential to help millions of people who need access to the latest information about Alzheimer’s disease,” said Lori La Bey, founder and chief executive officer of Alzheimer’s Speaks. “The collaboration between Sharecare and Alzheimer’s Speaks will enable both organizations to expand their reach not only in the dementia community but all people, as this disease is effecting everyone around the world if they know it or not.”

About Sharecare

Sharecare is a health and wellness social media platform that connects people with top-ranking experts, ranging from doctors and specialists to hospitals, healthcare companies and health-conscious consumers. The power behind the site’s unique Q&A format is its collective wisdom, providing health-seeking consumers with answers reflecting multiple expert perspectives – greatly simplifying the search for quality information. Created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz in partnership with Harpo Productions, Sony Pictures Television and Discovery Communications, Sharecare allows people to ask, learn and act upon questions of health and wellness, creating an active community where knowledge is shared and put into practice – simply said, sharing care. Launched in 2010, Sharecare is based in Atlanta, GA.

For more information please visit:  www.Sharecare.com

About Alzheimer’s Speaks

Alzheimer’s Speaks provides a variety of platforms and forums to educate and shift our dementia care culture for both professional and family caregivers along with the public at large. Alzheimer’s Speaks believes collaborative and alternative approaches push society forward in search for answers and that working together and sharing knowledge is the best way to win the battle against this disease. Alzheimer’s Speaks believes it is time to shift caregiving from crisis to comfort by removing the fear and providing economical services, tools, concepts and products to those in need. For more information please visit www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com or


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Here is an article and video I did for Sharecare on tips when caregiving.  Don’t make the same mistakes I did… read this short article and check out the video.  Here is the link

Please check out our website too!alz_spkslogofromwebsite_083112

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Dementia or Life Distractions? 

How Do You Know

Roshini Rajkumar host of News and Views on WCCO Radio interviewed Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks, the #1 Influencer online for Alzheimer’s disease according to Dr Oz and Sharecare.  Today they discussed a few symptoms pertaining to early diagnosis, stigmas and some resources.  Below we have listed the links for the your convenience. Click the link to listen to Roshini’s interview with Lori.  To go directly to Lori’s interview with Roshini, go to about 19 minutes on the show.

For Additional Resources go to:

Click Here to find an Alzheimer’s Association in your country

Alzheimer’s Disease International for the World Alzheimer’s Report 2012.  Below is the fantastic video ADI did on removing stigmas of Dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Association website and review their  10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s. Here you will find an easy format the top ten symptoms with a brief description of what is normal and what should be looked into further.  This comes in a great format to share with your Doctors called- Doctor’s Appointment Checklist.  While on this page make sure to open the Principles for a Dignified Diagnosis.  

You can always call the Alzheimer’s Association at:   24/7 Helpline:  1.800.272.3900

Check out Dr. Oz and Sharecares Top 10 Influencers on Alzheimer’s List just released November 5th, 2012.

Go to Alzheimer’s Speaks to get several FREE  TOOLS.  Just click on the free tools button on in the upper right hand corner.  If you are interested in becoming a Dementia Friendly Business we would love to share with you how your company can make a difference to those with memory loss.

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Great Motto

To Help You When Caring 

There are many words we use to describe people who give care: Caregiver, Carer, Care Partner, Parent, Friend, Doctor, Nurse, CNA, Home Health Aid… and the list goes on.  But there are few Motto’s I’ve seen to help those in this roles; so I thought I would share with you one of mine.  Keep in mind this applies to all relationships not just those with Dementia.  This one I call the POWERFUL  P’s.

It’s About Progress…

Not Perfection!

It’s about Preserving your relationship with the one you are caring for.

It’s about creating a Peaceful environment for both of you.

It’s about interpreting Perceptions from new angles.

It’s about Participating, energizing and adapting.

It’s about  Purposeful, independent living at all stages of life; so we all feel like we belong and are loved.

YES…It’s about Progress, not perfection.

Keep in mind, you can only do the best you can in every moment, knowing what you know at the time, given your skill set and mood you choice to deliver your care in.  Each moment is an opportunity to learn and grow so that you may be better in the next moment.  Remember though, it is up to you; and only you to look for, analyze, appreciate, and apply those lessons wrapped in the needs of those we care for.

Share Your Caring Motto With Us!

Picked by Dr Oz and Sharecare as the #1 Influencer online for Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Named

                 #1 Influencer Online For Alzheimer’s

WOW!  What an honor to be amongst such wonderful colleagues,  all on a mission to shift our Dementia Care Culture.  Sharecare announced their Top Ten List for 2012.  See below who you should be following for the best information on Alzheimer’s Disease.  Don’t forget to follow Sharecare as well as they track the Top 10 Influencers in many health and wellness categories.  For the Full Article CLICK HERE.  

This goes to show we are gaining ground in the arena of Dementia,  Join The battle and help us fight the stigmas and find tools and tips for living with Alzheimer’s and of course our end goal is to secure a cure!



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Dementia –

Remembering 4 You &

What’s Really Possible

Today Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio interviews Dr. Ethelle Lord and Author Martha Stettinius.  Both women gave us great tips and  hope for connecting to those with dementia.

Dr. Lord’s husband, was diagnosed with vascular Alzheimer’s in 2003. She says he has been her greatest teacher in the field of Alzheimer’s.  She owns Remembering 4 You.





Martha Stettinius is the author of “Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir.”  She’s a sandwich generation mom with 2 teenagers at home and a mother with advanced dementia. Martha sees Alzheimer’s not as a “long good-bye” but as a “long hello.”

www.insidedementia.com    martha@insidedementia.com

To Listen to the Radio Show Click on

The white triangle in the black circle in the graphic below

Learn more about Alzheimer’s Speaks and becoming Dementia Friendly by clicking on the banner below

The #1 Influencer online for Alzheimer’s Disease according to Sharecare.com

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#Alzheimer’s Facebook Chat

on Monday Nov 5th

7pm EST, 6pm CST, 4pm PST

Click Here

To Join The Chat

I encourage you go to the site 5 or 10 minutes early.


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