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Long Distance Caregiving and the Power of Music with Alzheimer’s Music Connect

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

with Author and Long Distance Caregiver Lisa Hirsch and

Alzheimer’s Music Connect Ron Gregory, CEO and

Singer Songwriter Vanessa Campagna

Live Tuesday October 28th

11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London Time

102814 ASR lisa hirsch alz music connectClick above to go to the show

Alzheimer’s Speaks gives voice to all dealing with a variety of types of dementia and caregiving.  Today we have two power guests with great insights and resources to make life with dementia easier.

Long Distance Caregivers Are Encouraged To Call In With Your Questions

lisa hirsch Mom-nursing homeOur first guest is long distance caregiver and author of Alzheimer’s My Mom My Hero, Lisa Hirsch who has been living the role of long distance caregiver for her own Mother and helping thousands of caregivers around the world. Lisa’s book and blog is God sent for many struggling in their role as care partners.


Purchase MY MOM MY HERO – A mother & daughters new found love
Lisa’s Blog     Lisa on Facebook

ALz Mus Con Vanessa picThe second half of the show we will be talking with Ron Gregory CEO of Alzheimer’s Music Connect and singer songwriter Vanessa Campagna who is featured on the new holiday CD, “Memories – The Songs and Spirit of Christmas.”  The CD is amazing and has technology behind it to help those diagnosed and dealing with dementia. Vanessa’s website.


Alz music Connenct MemofChristCover2

alz music connect horizontal FOOTER banner

For additional information on Dementia and Caregiving

Click Below


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Dementia – Celebrating Life – Every Moment We Get

Celebrating Life Every Moment We Get

 great on of grandma laughing w hat onI apologize for not wishing each of you a marvelous New Year in 2014.  

Please know I have sent blessings out to each of you for a fantastic new year.

I just have been a bit busier with my own family over the holiday season.

This year, like three years ago I applied to sign my Mother up for hospice.    For those of you who are new to following the blog, mom has been in her end stages of dementia for the past four years, has been in a nursing for 12 years and has memory problems for over 30 years.  Three years she had a medical change…  She started having tremors.   Back then I applied for hospice services for her too.  She was approved.  Given her condition improved during the hospice period, she was released from the service, yet continued in similar condition and continued on in her end stages of Alzheimer’s.

Just before Thanksgiving this past November, mom had a grand-mall seizure, another significant medical change.  Given this change and her being more withdrawn and sleepy, I decided there was nothing to loose by applying again for hospice.  Mom was approved.  I was thrilled she would get additional one and one services:  pastoral, music therapy, massage, additional personal cares, social worker, RN and more.  So far, mom has been responsive at times to some of the services: smiles, giggles, a twinkle in the eye and even a shimmy to the music.  Each of these are huge signs of connection.  I know if compared to a “normal everyday conversation” you have with your friends and family, theses signs appear minimal at best.  To that I say, compare moms responses to that of a small child.  The times a child smiles at you, tries to say a word, giggles or gives you eye contact.  In these situations we celebrate.

Why Is It That When A Person Is

Older Or Ill In These Situations

We No Longer Celebrate Life? 

This is a question I never have understood the response I see.  Even though mom is responding, there are still many more times she sleeps, is unable to give eye contact, or respond with one word, giggle or show body movement.  In fact, I’ve found she seems to be responding more to my daughter than me.  Some people ask me if I’m upset by this, but in truth I”m thrilled when she responds to anyone.  I take joy in each and every moment shared with me.

New Year’s Baby – A Time For Celebration!

erin cash lexi grandma all smiling me mom danielle listening to the chicken dance cardfrom tom and maureen

Mom Turned 86 this New Years Day. 

For 2 1/2 hours mom was pretty alert – eyes open, smiles and giggles and even some one liners and out-and-out laughter.  This was a huge gift for all of us.  Normally mom can’t stay awake more than 10-20 minutes at a time.  What a precious time we all had with her.

Happy Birthday Mom!

tom maureen mom all smiling 2 erin sarah grandma and kids 3

Next time you are with someone with dementia no matter what stage they are in, I recommend you stop thinking about what has changed or what you have lost.

Instead, Start Looking For What Is The Same. 

What are the precious things you still can share with one another? I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find if you chose to look.

danielle steve grandma tired grandma laughing hard a=eating chipps dip brownies

For Information on Dementia and Caregiving

Check Our Website Below


Need a Speaker? 

I’d love to talk to you.

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norrms speaking
Hiya, i had an e mail from some nurses in Canada the other day asking if i had done any videos for training and awareness ect, so i thought i would list them all together and also share on here just in case they are helpful to anybody, very best wishes, Norrms and family
So, here are a few videos i have done talking not only about my own dementia but my thoughts on other related dementia issues, i really hope they help. As always, thank YOU so much for what you are doing and if i can help in any other way please just ask.

Also here is the links to the books i have written SINCE my diagnosis (proceeds from these sales also go to Dementia charities so please share with friends) because they are written by someone who ACTUALLY has this disease i am told they help so much, i would appreciate these being put on your website as well if you don’t mind. If you do get any responses to my writings/poems i am more than happy to answer them if possible if you pass them onto me, very best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Link to books, and are also available on on amazon.co.uk

From Alzheimer’s to Lewy Body`s

Dementia _ From the heart

My dementia_The story so far

Does dementia and depression go hand in Hand?

The benefits of an early diagnosis

When the carers need caring for

Video about End of life care

Dementia and bereavement


A Little about me

Talk on Alzheimer’s (i reveal at the end i have dementia)

Speech for nurses and medics


Dementia and christmas

When i won my award for pride Of britain 2012


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