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New Dementia Film “We Are Family,” Featuring The Butterfly Model

New Dementia Film Featuring The Butterfly Model

“We Are Family”

I am so proud of my friends Corinne Maunder and Cathy Greenblat who created this film, “We Are Family.”  Dr David Sheard is the creator of the Butterfly Model featured in this film. Corinne is the Director, Producer and Camera Operator and she owns Fire Films.  Cathy is the Executive Producer and Photographer for the film.  These two amazing women have done several exceptional films on dementia care which can be found at this website: SIDE BY SIDE: LOVE AND JOY IN DEMENTIA CARE A MULTIMEDIA PROJECT.

I am looking forward to interviewing all of them on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio in the near future, so get your questions ready!


The Other Films They Made Below.

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Reach Corinne Maunder & Dr. Cathy Greenblat:

Website: https://www.sidebysidedementia.com/ 

Lori La Bey Shifting Our

Dementia Care Culture 

From Crisis To Comfort

Looking for a Keynoter, Consultant or Trainer?

See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge Washington

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A Poem On Dementia “TRAM IN NO-WHERE”


By Ellina Z., Melbourne

I stepped on to a tram

On Balaclva Road

Under the Railway Bridge

Next to the Fishshop

With all those cut-up fish steaks on display.

I stepped on to a tram

Without a sense of


Or where am I climbing those steps.

Where is my  Bag?

My fingers are empty.

Nothing to clutch to

for security.

Where is my Bag

With all my life in it

to hold on to?

I am standing there on that tram

While it is starting to move.

I look around myself.

I am clothed.

Tram is half empty.

I have no sense

Of  where I am going.

Or how to go back.

And where is back?

On this tram

Nothing to hold on to

Although the seats

And rails are at hand.

I am just standing there

Abandoned by myself.

Traveling in nowhere.

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