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The Challenges Young Adults Caring For Their Parents With Dementia Have

Listen Live or Listen at Your Convenience Tuesday – Jan 31st, 2023 – 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST & 7pm London GMT, 9pm South Africa SAST, and on the Feb 1st at 6am in Australia AEDT

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Our Host, Lori La Bey talks with Lily Morales whose mother has what the doctors believe is Vascular Dementia. Lily is 28-years-old and has been caring for her mother for the last 8 years. She has found that the topic of dementia at her age is taboo with others her age; and she wants to change that by sharing her story. Lily would love to see a cure or a therapy to reverse symptoms so people could retain or reverse cognitive decline to live as independently as possible.  Tuesday we will hear their story.

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Instagram   Lilymorales2394 

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Living with Dementia – What is it Really Like?

Living with Dementia –

What is it Really Like?

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

050417 ASR Graphic Brian Van Buren

Today we are lucky to have Brian Van Buren is a 66 year old black gay man living in Charlotte NC., who was diagnosed with vascular dementia and later Early Onset Alzheimer’s in 2015. Come listen and learn from his journey with dementia.

Contact Information For Brian Van Buren:

Email:  brpvb@aol.com


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New Trial for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

New Trial for

Mild Cognitive Impairment  (MCI)







DF communities     businesses logo


Click To Get More Information For

The Conference of Hope


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Power of Purpose



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Look out, Sudoku! Great NEW Book For Those Diagnosed With MCI

Great NEW Book

For Those Diagnosed With MCI

MCI book keep your brain stronger for longer book cover

Look out, Sudoku! 

Keep Your Brain Stronger for Longer offers a fantastic tool to help people exercise their brain. This book is ideal for those diagnosed with  MCI (Mild cognitive Impairment),  EOAD (Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease) as well as anyone interested in maintaining their own brain health including those caring for them.

The book also helps us understand cognition affects much more than just memory loss, dispelling some of the myths and stigmas associated with dementia. Kudos Tonia Vojtkofsky, PsyD, for pulling together such a great resource!

Anyone who takes a look in the book will see immediately these are not just memory or recall exercises. Through a variety of specific exercises one will they have been purposely developed to work the areas of the brain that manages:



Executive Functioning



Processing Speed



Visual-Spatial Skills

Personally I love the wide variety of exercises offered in “Keep You Brain Stronger For Longer.”  I found each of them challenging, fascinating and fun to do.

Check Out the Book Yourself! 

I’d Love To Know What You Think!

For Additional Information On Dementia And Caregiving

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Recorded Dementia Chats – Dementia Farms & Changing Terminology

Recorded Dementia Chats

060915_DC_harry_robert_paulan_eilon_loriDementia Farms & Changing Terminology

June 9th, 2015 – We had a short discussion about “Dementia Farms” which is an interesting concept just starting here in the U.S.. The majority of our time we spoke about the effects of changing terminology and it’s impact on those diagnosed as well as the public at large. There were some options discussed on how not to add additional stress to those living with the disease and how medical professionals and the government agencies may wish to look at things a bit differently to truly help those living with the disease.

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Ohio Department of Aging –

Finer with Age TV Show

Director Kantor-Burman sits down with Patty Callahan and Lynn Dobb, caregiver advocates with the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging, to discuss how caregivers might experience added stress during the holiday season. They offer easy strategies to manage stress and make the holidays more enjoyable. Then, we chat with Rick Phelps, who created the Memory People group on Facebook to connect with others who, like he, have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is the link tot he show

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