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What Is Mother’s & Father’s Day Like When Your Are The Parent & Have Dementia

Dementia Chats™ Recording

What Is Mother’s & Father’s Day Like

When Your Are The Parent & Have Dementia

Our Topic Today is about:
Mother’s and Father’s Day. What is it like to be a parent diagnosed with dementia and  what it feels like to have lost a parent and how that impacts you living with the disease today.

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Thank You To Our Experts Living With Dementia:
Harry Urban
Michael Ellenbogen
Truthful Loving Kindness
Brian LeBlanc
Laurie Scherrer
Mary Howard

Brought to you by Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks and Dementia Chats

Facilitated by Lori La Bey and Co-Facilitated by Eilon Caspi.

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Denial – Talking to Someone with Dementia Symptoms

Denial –

Talking to Someone with Dementia Symptoms

Dementia Chats Webinar

On April 12th, 2016, The Dementia Chats Webinar addressed how and when a family, friend or physician should address seeing dementia symptoms in a person. Why denial can be a huge issue for the person suspected of having symptoms. Approaches for the conversation. The benefits of get diagnosed and more.

Our Expert Panel Today, Each Living with Dementia Are:
Paulan Gordon
Michael Ellenbogen
Laurie Scherrer
Brian LeBlanc
Kate Knapp
Mary Howard

Facilitators Are:
Lori La Bey, founder of www.AlzheimerSpeaks.com
Eilon Caspi, Gerontologist & Dementia Behavior Specialist

For Additional Information on Dementia Chats and Past Webinars

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