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Alzheimer’s Speaks Talks Kindness with Dr. Lori Myren- Manbeck, Geriatric Psychologist

Alzheimer’s Speaks Talks with

Dr. Lori Myren- Manbeck,

Geriatric Psychologist on

Being Inclusive & Kind & the

10 Days of Kindness Coming to Grinnell, Iowa

Watch the Video Interview Below

Listen to the Radio Interview Below

World Kindness Day – November 13th, 2018

On World Kindness Day it just seemed appropriate to talk with Dr Lori Myren-Manbeck who is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in geriatrics.  She is also the founder and CEO of INCLUSIVI-TEE, a t-shirt company devoted to justice and kindness.
Dr. Myren- Manbeck believes the most important things we can do are listen, pay attention, and try every day to make the world a better place for the people we meet. Listen to this insightful and fun conversation.  Find out about the 10 days of Kindness movement Lori is coordinating.

Contact Dr Lori Myren-Manbeck at:

Website: Click on Above Logo

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/inclusivitee/









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See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge Washington

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Ode to a Caregiver

Ode to a Caregiver

From Wellspring Village Residents at Brightview Concord River

Always be patient for those in need

You must be a good listener, a good listener indeed.

Always be willing to lend a hand

And empathize so you understand.

Always remember the success I’ve had,

So don’t get discouraged or feel bad.

Put yourself in our place each day you’re here

Speak slowly and calmly, keep communication clear.

Join my reality and focus on what I can still do

Because I’m still here, still here with you.



How to Communicate with a Person with Dementia DC_031917_How_to_communicate_with_a_person_with_dementia_SNAP

Our Experts have Dementia

Dementia Chats: Where voices of those diagnosed with dementia are heard.  Today we had an interesting conversation regarding communication.  You will here from those diagnosed and what they think about all the tips given by “Professionals” to communicate with them.

You will gain insights which will help you care better.  Learn how their senses change, how their emotions and behaviors are affect by their surroundings and how that impacts them in their daily living.

Thank You To Our Experts Living With Dementia:

Michael Ellenbogen
Paulan Gordon
Truthful Loving Kindness
Brian LeBlanc
Laurie Scherrer
Mary Howard
Susan Suchan
Harry Urban

Here are the links to “20 Sign Language Words”

Laurie Scherrer’s Website

For Additional Educational Videos Click Below

Copy of DC_HQ_062714_banneryellow2



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Can’t Make it?  

Donate & help her raise funds for research.

Any and all donations are appreciated.

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