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Help For Struggling Caregivers

Help For Struggling Caregivers

Click_below042115 ASR Michelle ChaffeeAlzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Tuesday April 28th, 2015

11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London Time

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio was created to have honest discussions and real needs and resources for those dealing with dementia.  Please feel free to call into the show (714) 364-4757)  or use the chat box to communicate with us during the live show.  If you can’t  make the live show we would still love to hear your thoughts about the topic.

Today we have patient advocate, Michelle Chaffee from Minneapolis, MN with us.  It was through Michelle’s own family medical crisis along with her professional background that she created Alska.  Michelle understood the needs of caregivers across the spectrum of care and saw the gaps in the care system, which lead to the creation of a remarkable tool that supports and empowers individuals and optimizes delivery of care.  Come join us and learn how this tool might be able to assist you.

For more information on dementia and caregiving


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An Alzheimer’s Love Story: The First Day of the Rest of My Life

An Alzheimer’s Love Story:

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

As the movie “Still Alice” captures awards for its fictional portrayal of Alzheimer’s effect on a woman and her family, the video above shares a mans feelings the day his memory-impaired wife moved into a dementia care community.  Please watch this beautiful love story of John and Kerry’s and how Alzheimer’s changed them forever. These are John’s personal thoughts, told by him, and precious moments the couple shared at Silverado Memory Care in Naperville, Illinois.

Silverado_LogoMore information on

Dementia and Caregiving

Click Below

alzsnap_serv_072413Check Out Our Friends Below


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HI Everyone,

Today we had a Dementia Chats session which was about feelings of loneliness and abandonment.  Our Experts were Dena Dotson, Steve Ponath and Rick Phelps.  Here is the link to watch the webinar.  Feel free to pass the link onto others interested in learning more about dementia.  All sessions are free.  This link will get you to all of the past sessions.

Dementia Chats Logo

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Here Is The Recorded Dementia Chats Session

From Jan 22nd


Click on the logo above for all archived sessions

as well as upcoming shows

Today’s show Featured Dena, Steve and Rick; all of whom have dementia.  Our conversations covered sleep patterns, nightmares, night terrors, sleeping quarters due to safety issues, perception of time, telling of time, darkness, shadows, anger and and fears just to name a few things.

Click Her For Today’s Show


For more resources click on the logo above.  There you will find access to our radio show, free tools, resource directory and more.

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Dementia Chats Logo

Join Us Tomorrow &

Talk To Those Who Live With It!

Click here to enter the webinar room 


Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013  Rick Phelps, Steve Pothan and Dena Dotson will be our featured Experts Living with Dementia.  We start at 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 12pm PST, and 8pm London times.  I hope you can join us.  Come with your questions and comments regarding dementia.  You will always get honest answers from our team of advocates.  All are welcome:  Family caregivers, friends, staff and advocates; even those just looking to learn.

The following session on February 12th Harry Urban and Dena Dotson will be featured.  Same times and same link.

All sessions are recorded and can be found here on the Alzheimer’s Speaks website.


Check out our website where you will find free tools and resources.

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The Power of Dementia Chats!

Click on the logo below and then scroll down the page to all recorded sessions.

Dementia Chats Logo

Below is a comment that is usually kept private in Memory People on Facebook, but I asked permission as the power of these words I believe might be able to help others.  They brought tears to my eyes.  I hope they touch you as well. I want to thank Lucy Rawlings and her family for her comments and willingness to share this touching story with us.

This is the note authorizing permission to print, but also has a great message wrapped in Lucy’s words as well.

Sure Lori, please do. If you just knew how my kids just did not want to know about their Grandfathers AD. It was taboo to even raise the topic in family conversation. Dena helped them to see that young people get this disease too and one of my daughters is 15 years old just like Dena’s so when she heard that on this Chat she cried so hard. But they fact that they are speaking with their friends about AD and they are at the point where they are sharing their experiences with my Dad and learning from their friends experiences just blows me away. This taboo subject is now being talked about. Dena connected with them in a way I never could. I want them to be involved in our family discussions about my Dad, not be be afraid or run away. Now they are. I am so appreciative for this everybody.

Her is Lucy’s original comment:

Hey everybody, I just wanted to say that my family watched the recording of this weeks Dementia Chats with Lori La Bey this morning and we were blown away. Wow what an amazing discussion. My Mom hangs on every single word you say Harry Urban, she loves to hear you speak and asked me to tell you this. My teenage kids who up until they saw Dena Soseman Dotson on Dementia Chats, would not even discuss their Grandfathers AD (My Dad) with anybody as it was an older persons disease only in their minds. Now they have watched their second Dementia Chats with me and my daughters are so taken with Dena and have learned so much from listening to her. My youngest daughter came home from school Friday to tell me about her friends grandmother who has AD and how they talked about it in school! So Dena you have given my kids the courage to learn and speak about dementia, thank you. And Steve Ponath, you are such an amazing and powerful speaker. You have suffered so much with your EOAD and our country has been so cruel to you. Your personal account was so powerful. Anybody who has not heard this webinar you will find the link to the recording on Loris page. Please listen. The four most powerful advocates I have ever heard speak! Thank you for all you guys do.

Lucy’s comments in wrapping up:

I needed to say this because I want other families to benefit from the Dementia chats like we did. My Mom was so upset at Christmas when Dad did not want the tree and decorations in their home. When she listened to Harry speak on the Dementia Chat that focused on the holidays and how he can have some difficulties with the extra noise and lights….she was not so scared anymore. She understood more. We all did. And now my kids are talking with their friends about their Grandfathers AD and learning about their friends family members whose lives have been touched by dementia too…has changed the entire dynamic in my family about AD. My youngest daughter now realizes that this disease can touch everybody regardless of age and that its ok to have Ad and its nothing to be scared of, but its important to speak about it and discuss it.

Click here to get the last recording which is referred to above.

You can find more resources provided by Alzheimer’s Speaks by clicking on the logo below:


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Dementia Chats Fascinating Conversations

With Those Who Have Dementia

To access the archived webinar click on the logo below.


Today we talked about New Years Resolutions.  Are they important now that your are diagnosed?  Do you look at things differently now that you have dementia?  We talked about stigmas, the impact of diagnosis, finances, driving, anger, support groups and more.

I want to express my sincere thanks  to our Experts Living with Dementia Harry Urban, Dena Dotson, Steve Pothan; and Leeanne Chames for for helping me facilitate these meeting.

For more information on Dementia Chats you can check out our website, just click on the logo below.  You will  be brought to our Becoming Dementia Friendly page.  Scroll down and you will find all past episodes you can click on on the view.alz_spkslogofromwebsite_083112

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Join Us For The FREE Dementia Chats Webinar

Tuesday 1/8 

3pm EST, 2pm CST, 12pm PST

Click on the graphic below to enter

Dementia Chats Logo

Our decision will be around New Years Resolutions.

Are they different once you know you have Dementia?

Have they changed and why for you?

How about your Families Resolutions?

Come and join the conversation with those that have Dementia.

Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks.com by clicking on the logo below


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Click on the Graphic Below

For the Recorded Version

Dementia Chats Logo

Dementia Chats™ -While We Can still Can

Voices of Those Diagnosed with Dementia

Dementia Chats™ was created with the intention to educate people living with dementia; their care partners both family and friends as well as professionals and advocates.

Our Mission is to Shift Our Dementia Care Culture™. Our goal is to remove stigmas related to the disease by engaging people in conversation, answering their questions, listening to their comments and raising awareness in a positive light. We are firm believers in giving hope and empowering others to live with the disease not as the disease.  The general format of the sessions is interview style.  Lori La Bey will facilitate each session.  She will be asking out Experts Living with Dementia questions and pulling participants into the conversation to get their questions answered and their comments heard.

Lori WI Webinar Promo 103Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks will host the webinars. She is a speaker and trainer on dementia and caregiving.   Her mother has struggled with dementia over 30 yrs and is now in her end stages of the disease.

Our Experts Have Alzheimer’s Disease or Another Form of Dementia.

Our Primary Experts are:

Rick and Phyllis June PhelpsRick Phelps, Founder of Memory People™, which is a closed support group for those with dementia, their care partners, professionals and advocates. Rick was diagnosed in 2010. Rick and Phyllis June are out celebrating the holidays and so Rick will not be with us today.

harry UrbanHarry Urban, is a member of Memory People™.  Harry was diagnosed in 1995 and is loaded with great information and insights for both those living with the disease and those that care for them.

Dena Dotson picDena Dotson, also a member of Memory People will be join us.  She is 48 and was diagnosed at age 47 with Lewy Body Dementia w/possible Alzheimer’s. Dena lives in a small town in Oregon with her Husband and a 15 and 25 year old sons. Everyday life is increasingly problematic and I want to do my best to talk and increase awareness and hopefully lessen the stigma.”

LeeanneLeeanne Chames, is Rick Phelps Administrative Assistant on Memory People and she will help manage the webinar as well as participate in the conversation.


When entering the webinar you will need to sign in as a guest.  If you use the chat box to communicate with us, your name will show up in the chat box and will be recorded as part of the session.  If you are not comfortable with your real name being shown and recorded as part of these sessions, please refrain from using the chat box or don’t sign in using your real name.  You may want to use your first name only.  We will interpret your decision to participate in any session, that you are giving us your permission to be recorded.  These sessions and recordings are the copyright of Alzheimer’s Speaks.

Please Check Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Website too!

Just click on the below graphic


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Check Out The Conversation On 


Click on the Logo Above to View

We Discuss the Memory People Convention

and the Impact on Those Who Attended

If you want to learn more about Dementia Chats go to our website to find out more.  Click on the logo below.


Please let me know what questions you would like to ask our Experts diagnosed with Dementia.

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