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Engaging Alzheimer’s With Kerry Mills Co-Author of “I Care.”

021715 ASR Kerry MIllsEngaging Alzheimer’s

Kerry Mills Co-Author of

“I Care.”

We go live Tuesday, Feb 17th, 2015, at  11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London time; or you can always listen to the show later at your convenience too!

kerry_mills_pic_2Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio, loves hearing from everyone at every level regarding dementia.  If you think you might make for a great guest, please contact

Lori La Bey founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Website.


Tuesday we will be honored to have Kerry Mills founder and president of Engaging Alzheimer’s LLC.  Kerry is also the co author of I Care – A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementia.  Join us and come with your questions and comments.  Call in at  (714) 364-4757   Kerry mills ICare_cover_135x216Reach Kerry Mills via her   Website   phone  914-962-0997

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Love Is All Around Us, Just Waiting For Us To Find It!

Love Is All Around Us,


Just Waiting For Us To Find It!

Some days as we walk our path into the world of dementia, the road can feel bumpy and hard; not knowing where we are going or how the next moment will roll out.

But during my journey

I have learned one very important lesson.

You find only

what you are willing to see. 

heart_in_skyIf we focus on the past and what we feel we have lost, we don’t allow gratitude to enter our life. The pleasure of appreciation for what we did have. 

If we focus on the scariness of the future and all the unknowns, we shut down the opportunity to create or allow brilliant moments to occur.


When we live in the moment before us RIGHT NOW, we have the power to create and allow into our lives that which we crave… love, engagement, acceptance, comfort, peace… laughter.

heart_sunset_treeI wish for you this Valentines Day that you see and accept the promise of hope and love that surrounds you in every nano second of each day, especially when it it not obvious. I personally know how difficult this can be to do, but I also know it is well worth the effort.

It is our individual choice to decide what we want to focus on. What we want to believe.  What we want to create.  What we want to allow to in our life.  I encourage you to slow down and look at the rocks, the sky, the trees and all that surrounds you. You may be very surprised and the signs of hope and love you see in places you never imagined.

Look For The Signs

They will warm your heart and bring you peace

in the most difficult and loneliest of moments.

May you each have a blessed day wrapped in love knowing you are not alone.

Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks & Senior Lifestyle TrendsLori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

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optimist_logoClick Above to go to website

The other day I spoke at the Bloomington Optimist Club.  First, I have to say I was not even aware there was such a club, but if you know me you know I leaped at the chance to talk to any group about Alzheimer’s disease and dementias.  The group was, exactly what I was expecting.  I mean what else would one expect given their name. They were upbeat, friendly and excited to learn.  This group is similar to Rotary, except you don’t have to represent a business to join.  All people are welcome.  They focus their fundraising and efforts on children’s needs, which there is a high need to educate our young regarding dementia.  There are some great opportunities with inter-generational learning; like Jiminy Wicket – the croquet game which engages all.  In addition so businesses were interested in becoming Dementia Friendly and Dementia Aware and using the Purple Angel symbol to help educate their clients, prospects and staff.

The members recited their credo and I was touch by their words and asked permission to share with all of you as I feel they are wise words for us all to live by.  Click Here for written credo.

To find a club near you click below


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Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and Max Wallack Author Of The Amazing Children’s Book On Dementia

Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio


and Max Wallack

Max Wallcke cropped 2

Author Of The Amazing Children’s Book On Dementia


Click here to go to listen to the radio interview


A Story of Love and Respect

Well you all know by now how much I love my job because I’m always excited about my guests; but today is extra special.  We are so lucky to have with us Max Wallack who is a young man who is walking his talk with dementia.  Max’s journey with his grandmother who had Alzheimer’s has set this man on a path where he is making unbelievable strides.  He is a researcher, started an organization called Puzzle to Remember and now has co-authored a book called “Why did Grandma Put Her Underwear In The Refrigerator?”

Max’s co-author, Carolyn Given will join our discussion,along with Emma Richman.  I hope you can join us as well.

Max Can be reached at:  


Click Here To Order the book

Click Here To Here The Conversation

For more resources check out our website:


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Jiminy Wicket – Adaptive Croquet

Building Smiles Around The World

I’m looking forward to participating with our Memory Cafe in playing Jiminy Wicket Croquet on the longest day of the year to represent there is fun and engagement with life with dementia.  Arthur’s Memory Cafe and Arthur’s Residential Care will join together for a fun day of playing croquet.  Do to the weather we have decided to play indoors.  I love the Jiminy Wicket concept as it is so adaptable for locations and personal needs.  People who are fully mobile to those in walkers and wheel chairs and scooter can all  play!  Plus it’s a wonderful game for all ages to play together.  If you are looking for a why to have a lot of fun and engage those with dementia, their families, friends, staff and volunteers you need to talk with James Creasey the developer of this game.

Click on the picture below to get a great visual of Hoops to Hope

Creating Smiles Worldwide

croquet_newsJames is bringing this game into the school systems too to educate and engage our young which a perfect marriage of international interaction to help develop awareness and compassion while removing the fear of this disease.  Bring a smile to someone you know dealing with dementia. Contact Jiminy Wicket to learn how you can participate.

What Are You Waiting For Engage!

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Do You Need A Coach When Dealing With Dementia?

alzheimersspeaks_radio_logo_from_websiteDo You Need A Coach When Dealing With Dementia?

mary_brett_coach_picToday, our first will be Mary Brett Wright who not only is a coach for those dealing with dementia,but who has a husband living with  Frontal Lobe Dementia which affects his judgement and ability to make good sound decisions.  We will discuss what it’s like to care for someone with dementia, the stress, support groups, resources, finding balance and more.


Contact Mary through her website above

Phone:  571-216-8372   757-206-9182

E-mail: mbrettwright@cox.net

Dementia queenOur second guest will be Sue Paul,  who has been an occupational therapist for over twenty years.  She specializes in the rehabilitation and habilitation of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  A few things we will discuss are:

Can people with Alzheimer’s disease truly  benefit from rehabilitation services like physical and occupational therapy?

What role does occupational therapy play in treating someone with Alzheimer’s?

Some of the challenges people with Alzheimer’s have that  live alone.

How caregivers can gain access to rehabilitative services.

Sue can be found on Facebook at “The Dementia Queen”

or contact her by email at dq@thedementiaqueen.com

Additional Resources Mentioned on the Show Today

Locate an Alzheimer’s Association close to youAlzheimer’s Disease International

Clinical TrailAlzheimer’s Studies

Incontinence UnderwearWearEver Washable, Eco Friendly, Economical!

Fun, Adaptive CroquetJiminy Wicket

Music PrescriptionsMusic First

Breathing ExerciseTonglen Meditation

Respite Care in AtlantaCaring Together

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Contact Lori La Bey via making a comment here,

if you want to join the Resource Directory. 

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