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Norms McNamara & Jane Moore Extraordinary Dementia Advocates

Pushed by Passion Making an Amazing Impact

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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Thursday July 2nd, 2020

2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12pm MT, 11am PT & 7pm London, 8pm South Africa and on the 26th at 5am in Australia AET

Today Lori La Bey talks with her good friends Norman (Norrms) McNamara and Jane Moore who are partners in spreading awareness around the world through the Purple Angel which has several initiatives we will learn about as well as learning how their ambassadors around the world are making a huge impact.  Watch, listen and learn how you too can be part of this powerful global movement.  There is no cost to get involved, and you will be amzed at the impact you can make. 

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The Global Purple Angel Awareness Campaign        Purple Angel Song       US Purple Angel Project

World Rocks Against Dementia      

Order Norm’s books here

Support Alzheimer’s Speaks work by Downloading the Song “Clarion Call” by the Mark Arneson Band featuring Mia Dorr on your favorite msuic APP.

You or a loved one may be eligible for the study if you:

  • Are 55 to 80 years old
  • Have been diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease
  • Have a caregiver or family member who will attend study visits, report on daily activities and oversee medication use

July 15th – Join Lori La Bey for

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Lori La Bey Can Help Your Organization Switch To Virtual Presentations For Staff Trainings, Family Support, Perspective Clients and Support Gatherings.

Accepting Dementia in Your Life

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Do You Like to Sing, Humm or Dance?

See What Others Have Say About Lori La Bey

I want to echo the thanks and appreciation of my colleagues… Your presentations were movingly authentic, fully engaging and wonderfully informative. Thank you for all that you are doing, and all that you’ve done for us!

Carla Koehl, Director of Community RelationsArtis Senior Living of Lexington

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge WA

For More Testimonial

                                            Diana Pierce and Lori La Bey

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Gains Alzheimer's Trail - Premiere on Alzheimer's Speaks YouTube Channel

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Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Tuesday Afternoon

Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

020216 PA rock against dementia

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Tuesday Afternoon 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST and 7pm London Time

Today we will speak with Jane Moore Co-founder of the Purple Angel. We will also get an update on the founder of the Purple Angel, Norrms McNamara who was just released from the hospital. In addition, Wayne Mesker from Rock Against Dementia will also join us to discuss the event for March 19th, 2016.

For Global Advocates:  www.purpleangel-global.com

For US Advocates:  www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com

For Additional Information on Dementia & Caregiving

Click Below


If you are in the US and want to join the Purple Angel Click Below

PA-Join-Us  R

Learn About How You Can Host A Screening Of The Film “His Neighbor Phil”

Watch A Trailer Below

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Help Spread The Global Symbol For All Dementias – The Purple Angel Documentary

Purple Angel Documentary –

062515 ASR purple angel documentary kcikstarterClick Above To Go To The show

Help Spread The Global Symbol For All Dementias

Learn about the documentary being filmed and how you can help.


Watch Dementia Round Table Hosted by Gary Joseph Le Blanc

dementia_round_table_on_PA_documentary062815Join The Cause!   Click Below


You could make a difference for your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

10313_Banner-A_475x358 - CopyVisit our website today.

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TO BE MADE INTO A DOCUMENTARY Large Purple white background Angel for drop box“WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE”

Norrms McNamara says.

Norrms I have dementia but dementia doesnt have me

Here Is What Norrms

Wants You To Know

This is the news I have been itching to tell you about for months!! The story of how the Purple Angel Campaign (this is the original and official UK site) began and what we have achieved since is to be made into a Documentary. We have a director from Prague flying in and filming will start in March here in Torbay and then Beyond!!

Click Here to get to the Official Purple Angel Campaign for the US

Please share this on every page you know, every TV station , every newspaper , every radio station, just EVERYBODY!! so we can show the world what a difference ordinary people like us can make when we all get together . So very exciting and a HUGE thank you to Laurence Kelly of Ostrich Care !!!!

If you or anybody you know / business`s etc can make a small donation towards the kick starter project it will be very welcomed. The Directors showreeel at the end is to show the wonderful atmospheric films he has directed, they are not Dementia related.



Seven years ago Norman McNamara, who lives in Torquay, was diagnosed with Dementia. Still in his 50s Norrms decided he couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.

Seven years on, Normans’ quest to create more Dementia friendly communities is well under way. His Purple Angel campaign has literally gone global – with more than 300 Ambassadors helping to spread awareness across the UK and now the World.

This very real life story, without dramatization nor fiction, is to be told in an upcoming documentary. The project’s producer feels that “the work of the Purple Angels and Norman McNamara, deserves to be told,”. Laurence Kelly is keen to “show the variety of the work these volunteers engage in – running memory cafes, dementia drop in centres and making those in their area dementia aware plus so much more.”

You Can Support This Project

Go To Kickstarter

“We’re making this independently” says Director Will Thomas Freeman “your support will help us tell an inspiring story and showcase the incredible work of this man and all the good his organization has done for others. We want to bring the topic of dementia to the main stage.”

You can receive rewards for your pledges on Kickstarter, “the more funds we raise, allows us to film more content, more people, more stories.” says Freeman ” please, help us to achieve this.”

Norman McNamara has achieved so much, along with his army of volunteers, that fitting everything in is one of the biggest challenges! “It may turn into a series” jokes Kelly “as The Purple Angel is showing no signs of slowing down!”.

“To help improve the lives of people you will probably never meet has to be the kindest act of all.” – Norrms McNamara

For more information on Dementia and Caregiving

Check Out Below

alzsnap_serv_072413Check Out Our Friends Below



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The Purple Angel Project & NAPA

The Purple Angel Project & NAPA

angel-world-logo-lge 010414

The New Global Symbol for Dementia

Finally a symbol for dementia that can be recognized around the world, with no language barriers!

We need as many people as possible to send a letter of support to NAPA (National Alzheimer’s Project Act) asking them to get behind and support the Purple Angel symbol which is the new global symbol for dementia.  No longer is it acceptable for countries, organizations or individuals to be divided on this issue.  The disease touches far too many people, both those diagnosed as well as their family, friends and co-workers.  It is in the worlds best interest to join forces and use one symbol to describe and help raise awareness for the various types of dementia:  Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia, Vascular Dementia and all the others.




If you are not familiar with the Global Purple Angel her is a bit of information about why it was designed and who started this movement. The goal of the symbol is very simple:

  • To raise awareness and education of all types of dementias.
  • To show support for those dealing with all types of dementias; both those diagnosed as well as those that care for them.
  • To remove the fear, isolation and stigmas associated with the disease.
  • To become a global symbol for dementia that has no language barriers.
  • To have the “Global Purple Angel” become as well known and accepted as the “Pink Ribbon” for breast cancer, allowing people to live with dignity.
  • To provide an economical way to work in collaboration.

This purple angel symbol can be used by anyone who is raising awareness of dementia anywhere in the world. The symbol has been developed by people with dementia and carers, and is not connected to any established organization.

The purple angel symbolizes a guardian over those living with dementia, as well as their families and friends, but also as a helper to all those working so hard to raise awareness of dementia around the world.

Jane Moore, a carer from Camelford, and Norrms McNamara, who has dementia and was a driving force behind the creation of the first dementia friendly community in the UK, produced the original design. Lynette Richards and Jeff Talbot produced the global version. They own the designs, but have given permission for the symbol to be used freely by anyone who is raising awareness of dementia, as long as they get feedback about how it is used.

For More Information On The Purple Angel Project And How You Can Get Involved, Please Visit Our Website Below For More Details.

Alz Speaks multi logo_091113

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By Jane Moore

Startling, frightening or exceptional – these are the creators of new memories and can serve as a replacement when the dearest memories have been lost forever.

The difficult part is finding what it is that turns your loved one on! Sometimes it’s music – I have seen a stroke victim open her eyes for the first time when Daniel O’Donnell music is played. I have seen another lady with quite advanced dementia sing along to The White Cliffs of Dover – but only to the two dolls she holds in her arms.  Look deeply into someones eyes and tell them how lovely they look and the reward is joy when they remember your kindness the next time you see them!

Was dancing a favourite pastime? Indeed my own mother (91 with AD and Vascular) cannot forget a dance with Norrms and the only time they ever met was at Dementia Awareness Day in 2010! Her local memory is now around 3mins.  Repetitive actions i.e. making pastry once a week – the memory stays because it is something the person has been proud of during their life – Exceptional pride in something can also be converted into “now-memory” an automatic process that does not rely on the part of the brain that used to know how and when pastry was made in the past. The memory will “kick in” as the flour and margarine is placed in front of that person.  A brain can be re-wired with the right approach, at least to buy some time and dignity and, who can tell, maybe even stave off this despicable memory killer.

Sometimes it is just a great kindness that is remembered sometimes it will be a tragedy (like a fall) and the memories will stay.

It is our duty as carers to unlock these secrets and when you find a new memory together it amounts to healing the brain. This is why I cannot understand when a brain consultant says there is nothing else he can do. I say there is. Rehabilitation should be part of dementia treatment. Why does no-one speak of treatment? It’s my experience that the brain CAN re-wire itself or at least repair some of the damage. I have seen it. It doesn’t amount to a cure but for the person who suffers, it makes the nightmare more bearable. It gives dignity back, alleviates depression and raises morale. It also gives the carer something to focus on with a disease which often results in an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

My mother says: “I had that Alzheimer’s once, didn’t I?” and I reply: “Yes Mum”.


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