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Jiminy Wicket Gets National Coverage in UK


Click The Above Photo To Watch the News Feature

The Adaptive Inter-generational Croquet Game

Congrats to James Creasey, founder of Jiminy Wicket and his team for such great work! I love how you are creating smiles around the world by educating and engage the generations and those with dementia!



For more information on this wonderful game please go to the JIminy Wicket website below.

Jiminy wicket logo for ORG

For Additional Resources Please Check Out Our Website Below:



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1st Croquet Played at Rockefeller Center – Adaptive Croquet by Jiminy Wicket

Adaptive Croquet &

Alzheimer’s Team Up

To Create Smiles & Raise Awareness


Come join us at Summer Gardens at Rockefeller Center

Thursday September 20th from 7am to 11am EST

We are located right off The Sea Grill

Jiminy Wicket founder James Creasey raises awareness and connects people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias through his adaptive croquet game.  This brilliant game engages ignites smiles and connects people on an intergenerational level.  He has brought  the game into school systems and is raising awareness and removing the fear this disease causes.

Come out and join us today and see for yourself.

Francis dave

Francis Palasieski and Dave Cohen from the Alumni Sury New Paltz Croquet Team


You can show you support by donating via a text!

It’s simple and quick.  You can change lives and help create smiles when helping to fund this terrific game that engages and gives hope.

On your phone put in 5055 in the address section,

then text the words  “Jiminy Wicket”  hit send

and you will be taken right to the page


David Maloof with the US Croquet Team


Jiminy Wicket Sponsors


The first croquet game to be played in Rockefeller Center.

The first ball was the honor of Sidney Oswald from South High School in Colorado who started Jiminy Wicket in her High School



Come join us and see what all the buzz is about!

Jiminy wicket logo for ORG

For more resources and information on Alzheimer’s Disease  and other Dementias check out out website


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Click Above to Access the Show Live or Later

Tuesday Sept. 10th, 2013

11am ET 10am CT 8am PT 4pm London

trish V usagainst alz head shot (2)We are honored to have Trish Vradenburg the co-founder of USAgainstAlzheimer’s, a national advocacy campaign and network.  She is also a playwright.  Her play “Surviving Grace,” is a comedic/dramatic homage to her mother, who succumbed to Alzheimer’s.

Play     Website     Facebook

james_crease_2_playing_croquet2nd Guest, James Creasey is the founder of JimnyWikcket, a new adaptive croquet game which engages people, leverages intergenerational participation and raises awareness.

Jiminy wicket logo for ORGWebsite     Facebook

kirti 2 arpf
3rd Guest, Kirti Khalsa is the Chief Operating Officer of Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, which promotes holistic and integrative medical programs.

Website          Facebook      Youtube

For more resources check out:


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Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and Max Wallack Author Of The Amazing Children’s Book On Dementia

Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio


and Max Wallack

Max Wallcke cropped 2

Author Of The Amazing Children’s Book On Dementia


Click here to go to listen to the radio interview


A Story of Love and Respect

Well you all know by now how much I love my job because I’m always excited about my guests; but today is extra special.  We are so lucky to have with us Max Wallack who is a young man who is walking his talk with dementia.  Max’s journey with his grandmother who had Alzheimer’s has set this man on a path where he is making unbelievable strides.  He is a researcher, started an organization called Puzzle to Remember and now has co-authored a book called “Why did Grandma Put Her Underwear In The Refrigerator?”

Max’s co-author, Carolyn Given will join our discussion,along with Emma Richman.  I hope you can join us as well.

Max Can be reached at:  


Click Here To Order the book

Click Here To Here The Conversation

For more resources check out our website:


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Jiminy Wicket Croquet

Making Smiles, Creating Memories

news_pice_n_jimny_wicket_062113Click above to watch the video

Contact James Creasey with Jiminy Wicket to learn how simple it is to create smiles in your community

For more resource check our Alzheimer’s Speaks website below


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Jiminy Wicket – Adaptive Croquet

Building Smiles Around The World

I’m looking forward to participating with our Memory Cafe in playing Jiminy Wicket Croquet on the longest day of the year to represent there is fun and engagement with life with dementia.  Arthur’s Memory Cafe and Arthur’s Residential Care will join together for a fun day of playing croquet.  Do to the weather we have decided to play indoors.  I love the Jiminy Wicket concept as it is so adaptable for locations and personal needs.  People who are fully mobile to those in walkers and wheel chairs and scooter can all  play!  Plus it’s a wonderful game for all ages to play together.  If you are looking for a why to have a lot of fun and engage those with dementia, their families, friends, staff and volunteers you need to talk with James Creasey the developer of this game.

Click on the picture below to get a great visual of Hoops to Hope

Creating Smiles Worldwide

croquet_newsJames is bringing this game into the school systems too to educate and engage our young which a perfect marriage of international interaction to help develop awareness and compassion while removing the fear of this disease.  Bring a smile to someone you know dealing with dementia. Contact Jiminy Wicket to learn how you can participate.

What Are You Waiting For Engage!

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