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Caregiver_support_marathon_PWRI apologize for not having this out sooner…. I thought I did.  Anyways, the show is archived so you can listen any time at all.  I will be interviewed on the show here shortly so listen in  by clicking on the graphic above or Click Here.

Tons of great information from six experts on caregiving:

Michael Neuvirth, Christopher J. MacLellan, Sherri Snelling,  Donna Seebo

Hal Chapel and Lori La Bey

Here are the main questions being discussed on this 3 hour show:

1. How do you prepare to be caregiver?

2. What can you do as a caregiver to remain physically healthy?

3. How do caregivers remain sane when faced with the added stress of being a caregiver?

4. When should caregivers seek help?

5. When you ask for help, and no one responds, then what?

6. How do you recover from being a caregiver?

For More Resources Check Out Alzheimer’s Speaks Resources Website Below


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