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The Affects and Outcomes of Dementia

Live Thursday, Jan 10th, 2019 at: 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST and 7pm London time.

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Join Janie Jasin and Lori La Bey Tuesday anytime after 1pm CST

Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio will talk with Janie Jasin a best selling author and keynote speaker and daughter of two parents that lived with demenita.  Janie will share how she managed carrying for her parents that were 400 miles away and how caring for them efffected her.  She will also share with us her new funderaiser to benefit organizations.

Website:  www.JanieSpeaks.com

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Email:  janie@janiespeaks.com

Phone:  952 240-7167

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See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development      LeadingAge WA

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Alzheimer's Speaks Radio with Dr Jessica Zwerling.

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Grass roots movements, come and go – but The Purple Angel campaign shows no signs of slowing down

Grass roots movements, come and go –

but The Purple Angel campaign shows no signs of slowing down. 

purple_angel_kickstarterClick Above

The purpose of the campaign is to see the Purple Angel logo, adopted as the worldwide symbol for dementia awareness. Enabling those living with dementia and their families, to feel confident when seeing the symbol displayed in any shop, business or organization, that they are dementia aware.

This unique dementia awareness campaign was started as a result of one man’s vision, Norman (affectionately known as Norrms) McNamara, who was diagnosed with dementia in his early 50s.

A documentary is currently being shot about this incredible story;

“The film is being made in memory and recognition of all those who’ve lived and are living with dementia” says Producer, Laurence Kelly, “it will be the first time a documentary will show a dementia initiative across such a global scale.

By filming in the United States, we will be able to see how the work of all the Purple Angel Ambassadors has impacted on the success of the campaign”

The USA side of the story will also highlighting the work of Purple Angel Ambassador Gary La Blanc who amongst other achievements persuaded a major USA hospital to adopt the logo and Purple Angel ethos and Lori La Bey who through her blog, radio and website following has used the power of the written and spoken word to gather support.

This footage and more will highlight the positive effect of what has been achieved both sides of the pond.

Norman McNamara creator of the campaign said “Please share this campaign and the link.  if I can do this living with dementia, imagine just how much we can do together!”

You can view the trailer through the link above; you can pledge your support and in return add your loved ones name to the memory wall in the credits list.

“Perhaps Britain’s greatest export at the moment are our community values” says Kelly, “you can be part of the team making this happen – showing how these values have crossed the Oceans and this is surely just the beginning”

As an Individual, community or business you can get involved today. 

Just click below to learn more about the US movement.


For more information on Dementia and Caregiving

Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks Below


You could make a difference for your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

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Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks & Senior Lifestyle Trends


Dementia Care Foundation  Oct 7th – Dr. Richard Taylor Keynoter  

Please join me at this wonderful fund raiser and meet Dr Richard Taylor.  Personally I can’t wait to meet him!  If you haven’t signed up for his newsletter check it out.  It is one a only a very few newsletters I make sure to read top to bottom.  He is informative, honest, and a true passionate leader in the industry.  Richard knows best.  He has the disease and speaks from his heart, soul, and mind; yet keeps the rest of us current with meaningful and powerful updates industry wide. Richard is truly an amazing example of what one can do with or without disease.   

In addition, Dr. G Allen Power, Geriatrician, Author from Rochester NY who wrote the book ” Dementia without Drugs” and also speaks internationally. They will both be available to visit after the silent auction and to answer questions.  

Here is Richard’s website so you can sign up for his newsletter:  


Here is the information on the fundraiser.  Please consider coming to the fund raiser for the Dementia Care Foundation and joining me in meeting Dr. Richard Taylor and Judy Berry the owner of Lakeview Ranch which is a leading concept in commercial care.  Judy has found a way to take the sterile environment out of community care and has brought a refreshing home comfort into her homes.  The staff ratio she provides is rarely seen and her ability to remove behavior problems of her clients which have been seen in multiple settings disappear in her cutting edge environment.  Judy is the Director of the Dementia Care Foundation.  She was just recognized nationally for her work by RWJF Community for their Health Leaders Award. Congrats Judy!  Keep up the great work.  


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