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Leveraging Art to Document Your Caring Journey

Click Above To Listen Live Tuesday – Aug. 6th 2019 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST & 7pm London and on the 31st at 6am Australia. All Shows are Archived for Ease of Access.

Lori La Bey, host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio take with Dr. Mali Mann who is an adult/child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author.  She is on the faculty at Stanford School of Medicine, in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. Her latest book, Whisper, Forget Me Not, is filled with poetry and paintings portraying the experiences she’s had watching her husband struggle with Alzheimer’s. It’s a beautiful story of how tapping into art helped her find balance, process her journey and leaves a legacy of their relationship while helping others going through the same thing.  

Contact Information for Dr. Mali Mann

Email – malimannmd@gmail.com

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Juggling Dementia Care &

Finding Balance

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Diana Pierce and Lori La Bey

See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge WA

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Italian Method Enriches Dementia Care In America

Italian Method Enriches Dementia Care In America

Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio interviews Deborah De Angelis and Lydia Dali from Italy.  Both the Facilitate Sente-Mente Method which is a revolutionary international project that teaches new ways of looking at dementia.  Deborah is a social worker and a director of an Italian care home.  Lydia is a teacher and she specializes in laughter and happiness. Joining the conversation is Harry Urban, a man living with dementia who is having a global impact improving lives for those diagnosed and those caring for people living with dementia.  He has a popular FaceBook page called Forget Me Not. 

You are invited to join Harry and the Sente-Mente September 4th and 5th, 2018 at Lancaster General Hospital for two free educational programs.  One reviewing the Sente-Mente Program and another covering Unconditional Laughter Yoga.

lanscater general hospitalflier 2 speakersflier 1 -corrected

Click Below to Listen to the Radio Show  

Registration Required Seating is Limited Contact:

Deborah De Angelis, Sente-Mente Facilitator          deborah81@gmail.com

Connie M. Metzler, Lancaster General Hospital        cmmetzle@lghealth.org

Website:          https://www.letiziaespanoli.com/sente-mente-american-day/


Feeling humbled and honored. #WEGOHealthAwards 

These awards seek to recognize Patient Leaders who are making an impact with their advocacy.

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See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge Washington

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What Matters Most: Cognitive Self Assessment

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The Netherlands & US Discuss Dementia on Open Mic – Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – Video Interview


Host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio, Lori La Bey chats with Geert Bettinger, an author from the Netherlands, Truthful Loving Kindness and Harry Urban both living in the US and who are live  with a form of dementia.

Tru addresses the fact that she has not been able to be involved with radio as she needs to read lips and see faces when talking.  She talks about the benefit of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio using a video platform which offers her the ability to participate and opens doors for her advocacy work.

Harry discussing the international programs he is involved with even if he can’t speak their language, he finds ways to communicate and develop close relationships.  You can read Harry’s insight on his blog here.

Geert discusses dementia and medicine as a hot topic worldwide.



Looking for a Speaker?

See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey.

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. 

Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge Washington

For More Testimonials

Meet Lori La Bey in March

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Push Research Forward – Join the A-List

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Join Dementia Chats Webinar Today at 3pm EST It’s FREE!

Join Dementia Chats Webinar

Today at 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

It’s Fun And Free

DC_HQ_062714_solidyellow2 color photos

Click Above For More Information

Tuesday Nov. 25th, 2014

1pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

Here are our Experts

harry_urbanHarry Urban, Founder of “Forget Me Not,” a closed support group on Facebook for those with dementia, their care partners, professionals and advocates.


Driving Steve PonathSteve Ponath, was diagnosed with EOAD in 2011. He has become an advocate for those who can’t speak out about the disease. It’s time to bring awareness to everyone of what this disease does to not only the patient, but to the caregiver’s and loved ones who are on this journey with us.

dena_dotsonDena Dotson, was diagnosed with Lewy Body with probable Alzheimer’s at age 47 2011. She is working hard to decrease the stigma attached with dementia.

mICHAEL_ELLENBOGEN_SPEAKINGMichael Ellenbogen, is 54 years old. His career was in Information Technology, where he was a high level manager. Michael was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 49. He is no longer able to work. Michael now spend my time trying to increase awareness of this disease, and work to increase funding for research. He just finished writing his book outlining my experience with Alzheimer’s.

Robert Bowles Pharma PicRoberts Bowles, sold his pharmacy in December 2010, Robert lost his purpose in life. Eighteen months later, he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. One year after his diagnosis, I found my purpose in life again….that of dementia awareness and transparently journalizing and sharing my experience, strength and hope seeking to help both persons with dementia and their care partners.

Robert’s mother and father both had dementia

Dementia Chats Hosts

lori_with_radioLori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks is also the creator and host of Dementia Chats. She facilitates the group and asks our experts living with dementia questions and pull participants into the conversation to get their questions answered and their comments heard. Lori is a professional speaker and trainer on dementia and caregiving.   Her mother has struggled with dementia for over 30 years and she is now in her end stages of the disease.

Eilon Caspi picEilon Caspi, is a PhD, Gerontologist and Dementia Behavior Specialist. He runs The Center for Prevention of Resident-to-Resident Aggression in Dementia.   Eilon will be assisting Lori in managing the webinars as well as monitoring participants conversations so we make sure we stay interactive and on top of all conversations. Eilon can also be reached via another website. Eilon can also be reached via another website.
Check Out This Great Holiday Music!

combineid AlzMusCon logo and CDFor Additional Dementia Resources

Click Below


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Dementia: Keeping Safe In Todays World – Project Life Saver

Keeping Safe In Todays World –

Project Life Saver


For World Alzheimer’s Month Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio has done several additional programs, but todays show will be a full two hour show dedicated to “Keeping Safe in Todays World.  We will be highlighting Project Life Saver and how it can be utilized to live safely.

project lifesaver logoOur Guests Today Include:

project lifesafer gene suanders photoChief Executive Officer and Founder of Project Lifesaver International,

Gene Saunders

Mara Botonis Head ShotAuthor Mara Botonis of “When Caring Takes Courage”

Mara botonis High Res Version of Front Cover (2)

rick phelps with samRick Phelps, diagnosed with dementia and founder of “Memory People”

& Author of “While I still Can”

MP final logoharry_urban Harry Urban, diagnosed with dementia and founder of “Forget Me Not” on Facebook

forget_me_not_logo_finall_030613Michael Ellenbogen, diagnosed with dementia and national advocate & Author of “From The Corner Office To Alzheimer’s”

michael_ellenbogen_videoEveryone is welcome to join the conversation on this very important topic. You can use the chat box or call in live to communicate with us.

We would also appreciate your efforts to share this episode with family, friends and colleagues on FaceBook, Google Circles, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

For additional information on dementia and caregiving check out

Alzheimer’s Speaks below


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Learn About The New Dementia Mentors Program on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Learn About The Newly Launched

Dementia Mentors Program &

Food, Nutrition and Aging

 060314_ASR_banner_dementia_mentors_ARPFClick Above to Go To The Show – All Shows Are Also Archived

We go live on Tuesday at 11am EST, 10am CST 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London time.

Tuesday we will have talk with some of the foundering members of Dementia Mentors: Gary Joseph LeBlanc, Richard Taylor, Michael Neuvirth and Harry Urban. Dementia Mentors was built to help those newly diagnosed understand their life is not over, by connecting them with a mentor who has been living successfully with the disease himself. This is a fantastic program and resourceful website which will help people around the world.

Call in and join the conversation (714) 364-4757

Dementia mentors logo 11Click above for more information on Dementia Mentors

Our second guest will be Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) Scientific Advisory Council Member, Karen Koffler, M.D., will speak on Food and Nutrition. Dr. Koffler is the Medical Director of Canyon Ranch Miami Beach and will be answering questions like “what effects does food have on us as we age?

Call in and join the conversation (714) 364-4757

ARPF_logoClick above for more information on the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

or email them at: info@alzheimersprevention.org
or call at: 1-888-908-5766


Click above for more information on Canyon Ranch

or email Dr Koffler at kkoffler@canyonranch.com

or call at:  305 514-7216

For More Resources On Dementia And Caregiving

Checkout Alzheimer’s Speaks Below

Alz Speaks multi logo_091113

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Dementia, Building Community

& Engagement

Click on the graphic below to listen to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio.

????????????????????????????????????This will be a very exciting program.  Today we will have on of the top leaders in the world on culture change with us… Dr. Bill Thomas.

I hope you can join the conversation as it is always fun and enlightening when talking with Bill.  Today would be the day to take advantage and ask this man your burning questions on aging, culture change, caregiving and dementia.

To Contact Dr. Thomas please go to his website:



harry UrbanOur second guest will be Harry Urban, one of the Experts living with memory loss on Alzheimer’s Speaks FREE webinar series Dementia Chats.  He is also the Founder of “Forget Me Not.”  Harry will talk about his new group and their launch to assist those the Spanish community.

Harry can be reached via Facebook.  Search Harry Urban


drumming shauney-baby-c cropped pic head shotOur third guest will be Sherice Recke, known to many as Shauney Baby.  She has been working in the entertainment industry for many years and is one of the most celebrated female drummers both nationally and internationally. today we will discuss the benefits of Drumming with those with Dementia.

Shauney Baby can be reached below:

drumming 2

Website: www.drumforgoodnesssake.com
Phone:  323-876-5173
Email: info@drumforgoodnessssake.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drumforgoodnesssake
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DFGSLA

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Our World Today Interviews

Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks

Lori La Bey Founder of Alzheimer's Speaks

Lori La Bey Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

Journalist Emma Manser interviewed me the other day for a piece Our World Today was doing on Memory loss.

If you are not familiar with “Our World Today” you just might want to check them out.  Not because they interviewed me, but because of their vision, philosophy and mission.  They are not about hype and negativity, but real life stories with positive angles.  Please take a minute to review there goals. You just might want to subscribe to them.  I already did!

I truly love and believe in Our World Today’s  mission, as it is exactly what I”m trying to do in the world of Alzheimer’s And Dementia.  Help people live with diversity instead of being afraid of it.  Here is a bit about them below.  If you want to read the article of  Emma did on Mom, Danielle and I, CLICK HERE

Their Vision

To inspire, educate, empower and connect the world.

Their Mission

To provide a world-class news-media service that inspires and empowers an educated and socially aware audience into positively changing the world around them.

Some of What They Do

Our World Today is more than just a news organisation. In fact, our mission is to redefine what the world sees as news media.

Rather than focus solely on our failures as a species – conflict, crime and killing – OWT acknowledges our triumphs too, as we present a challenging, inspiring and in-depth look at the world we live in.

More than this, we don’t simply want to tell our readers what to think and feel.  We want to generate meaningful topics for discussion and reflect a news agenda that inspires our readers and members to positively change the world around them.






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