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A Big Thank You To Fathers

Lori La Bey’s Father Dean with her Mother Dorothy.

To all the Fathers past, present and future I want to acknowledge and thank you for your role in developing our children which will lead us into the future.

To me a Father is a man who steps up and steps into mentor, support and love our children which can last a lifetime or even be in a critical moment in time. Sometimes we don’t even realize the importance of a given moment until it has passed. Father’s come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, and cultures. They come in a range of economic status and personality styles and we are so fortunate for this diversity.

Just like Fatherhood, Father figures can last a lifetime too. The same goes to being a child to another. Age is not relevant to being a child to another, nor is it relevant to being a Father or Father like figure to another.

We have many names for our Fathers’. They are called biological fathers, stepfathers, foster fathers, as well as those who have chosen to be father like. The name is not important. It is a Fathers or a Father like figures love, intent, compassion, patience, acceptance, understanding, and tenacity to do good to assist another through life that matters.

To my own Father who passed away nineteen years ago. Thank you dad for your love and all you taught me about being a good, kind being. Miss you. Love you to the moon and back.

Please join me in honoring all our Fathers. May each of you have a wonderful day!

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Happy Father’s Day

To all the men on our lives who have blessed us with their presence, their love and their support.   To the young and to the old.  To our Father’s, Brother’s, Uncle’s and Cousin.  To the Step Father’s. Step Brother’s, Step Uncle’s and Step Cousins.  To all the men who have fathered us in  a variety of forms.  To those who have listened to us, advised us, mentored us and loved us throughout our lives. 

May each of you know the impact you have had on so many levels with so many people.

May each of you know how much you are loved and appreciated.

dad_wedding_pickTo my Dad,

I could not have asked for a better Father and role model.

Although you have left this world, you will never leave me heart. 

I miss you Dad.  My you enjoy your day and celebrate in heaven.

I will always love you Dad


Your Daughter Lori

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Lori La Bey Radio Host
Alzheimer’s Speaks

I truly hope all the men in the world are enjoying their day today.  Even though some of you nay not be a biological Father, know in your heart that you have touched many in your life time with Fatherly advice, love and kindness.    We all so interconnected. I’m sure your acts of kindness have some how touched my life in unknown ways and for that I thank you.

From all of us may your day be filled with joy and relaxation.

To my Father who passed in 2001,  and who I still miss on a daily basis…. I LOVE YOU DAD!

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