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Surprise Radio Show Honoring

Dr. Richard Taylor’s Dementia Work



Join us and we gather people around the world to talk about the power of one man and changes he has brought about in Dementia Care Culture.  If you would like to share with Richard how he has touched your life, please make a comment below so we can string them together and make it easy for him to access.

May you heal quickly Richard.  You have all of our thoughts and prayers wrapped around you and your family while you go through your treatment for cancer. 

Click here to listen to the show

Click on the graphic below to go to Richards Website


for all of his products, access to his wonderful newsletter and presentations and more!



Please check out

Alzheimer’s Speaks

International Collaborative Resources.


If you are interesting in participating in our resource directory please click on the the gold button in the upper right corner that says  “Partnering Options – Share That You Care” and you will be stepped through how.

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Well how fun is it to get this award.  I love the idea.  Here are the rules below.

Nominees for this award are required to:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated them.  I my case that was Theresa Hupp.  Her blog is called

“Story & History~ One writer’s journey through life and time”  Thank you Theresa for picking Alzheimer’s Speaks for this award.

2.  Post the One Lovely Blog emblem on their blog.  Proudly done!

3.  List seven random facts about themselves.  Here goes everyone:

    • I was a Grandma before I was a mom…figure that one out…LOL
    • Being around water makes me peaceful
    • Laughter is a must in my life, not an option
    • I can be an introvert… I know for many that is hard to believe
    • Friendships are the best of all treasures in the world
    • My favorite color is PURPLE
    • There is nothing more precious to me that truly connecting with a person

4.  Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award, and let them know of their nomination. 

In no particular order the nominees are…

My Demented Mother by Kathy Ritchie. Kathy’s raw honesty has always seared my soul as she shares her ride on the emotional roller coaster of Dementia.  Kudos Kathy for your bravery.

Dr. Richard Taylor, Ph.D. by Dr. Richard Taylor. Richard was diagnosed with Dementia probably of the Alzheimer’s type and has been an international advocate for the disease.  Recently Richard was diagnosed with cancer and so he will be taking a break from posting, but his website and blog are a wealth of information and should not be ignore.  Richards insights are life changing. Prayers are coming your way my friend. You have made an incredible difference in the world regarding Dementia.  It is an honor to call you  my friend.  Thank you for all you do.

Mind-Start by Monica Heltemes.  Monica is a Occupational Therapist by trade.  Her commitment to change Dementia Care Culture through her insights and products is phenomenal.  I just love this woman and how she thinks and addresses things. Thanks for your friendship and wisdom Monica.

AARP Caregiving Resource Center & Blog  This site is a wealth of information.  We all want to live purposeful lives as we age, even when ill.  AARP can help us do just that.  Thank you ARRP for making critical  information to everyone.

Sharecare Blog  This site is rich and full of great information.  Sharecare was created by Dr. Oz and Jeff Arnold and is loaded with amazing information and resources to live a healthy life at any stage or age.  Make sure to check out Sharecare’s Top 10 Influencers on a variety of subjects.  Thank you Jeff and Dr Oz for your big vision to make the world a better place.

Alzheimer’s Reading Room by Bob Demarco.  Bob has done an incredible job building a great community for those dealing with dementia.   He has personally lived the journey with his Mother Dotty and inspired many through his life lessons, updates on research and honest thoughts.  Keep up the great work Bob.

Real Women on Health by Kelley Connors. Kelley has a wonderful blog which is a great resource for a variety of topics important to women. Kudos girlfriend!

Alzheimer’s Association Blog has update to date information and resources for those dealing with dementia. I thank you for your work.

Care Space is an online community addressing social care over in the UK.  My good friend Norrms McNamara, who has Lewy Body Disease posts here often.  Norrms is an amazing writer sharing his insights, thoughts and vision to shift our Dementia care culture around the world.  Norrms I raise my glass to you buddy.  Cheers for making such an impact world wide!

June K. Berg a Journey through Alzheimer’s by Stanton O. Berg.  This is a true love story written by a husband and driven by his love for his wife to improve our Dementia care.  Stan offers his personal insights and often posts updated statistics prior to the other large organizations.  He is great source of information. Kudos Stan for your diligence I’m sure June is looking down on you and bursting with pride.

Oprah’s Blog.  As with everything Oprah does her blog is spirited, fun, uplifting and thought provoking. I love the work you do Orpah! Thank you for being you.

About.com Alzheimer’s/Dementia Blog  by Esther Heerema.  This blog is loaded with tons of information from research and daily living ideas.   Kudos Esther for keeping us informed.

Sharing my life with Lewy Body Dementia.  This blog documents ones’ persons journey with  Lewy Body Dementia. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us.

Early Onset Blog  This blog gives great insight to the progression of the disease from early onset. Once again honest insights from one on the journey with Dementia. Your work here is important.  Thank you.

Changing Aging Blog by Dr. Bill Thomas.  Bill has been leading the world in culture change for years.  He covers an expansive array of topics that are always thought provoking. Bill you have and continue to make such huge strides in shifting our care culture.  Thank you for your work.

Big Thank you to everyone working

to make the world a better place to live.

Visit us at


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Hello Dinners With Dr Richard Taylor -

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

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A Groundbreaking Webinar for Those With Dementia

On September 10 and 11, people with dementia from across the USA and Canada will be getting together in a virtual conference room for A Meeting of the Minds. At this ground-breaking event for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, participants will discuss the issues they face as people with dementia in their communities, provinces/states and countries, and will begin to think about actions they can take and how they can support each other in taking these actions.

A Meeting of the Minds will be hosted by Richard Taylor, PhD and Laura Bramly.  Richard is based in the USA, and was diagnosed nine years ago with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type. Since then he has created a life of purpose by speaking out about dementia, and teaching others about the disease through his book, DVDs and speeches at conferences around the world.Laura Bramly is a writer, editor and graphic designer based in Canada. She edits the I CAN! I WILL! Stand Up and Speak Out About Dementia website and is a caregiver support group facilitator. The event is sponsored by Dementia Support Networks, a nonprofit organization started by Richard with the purpose of connecting people with dementia.

The idea for A Meeting of the Minds grew out of the I CAN! I WILL! website (www.alz.co.uk/icaniwill), which is an idea library sponsored by Alzheimer’s Disease International and a rich resource populated by ideas to combat issues related to dementia. All ideas are written by people with dementia, caregivers, professionals and volunteers who work in the field of dementia, and contributors come from many countries around the world.

Both Richard and Laura have experienced the power of face-to-face, in-person meetings that have taken place between people with dementia at Alzheimer’s Disease International annual conferences, where participants discuss issues and actions that are being taken around the world. Inspired by the incredible stories being told by people with dementia, both at these meetings and on I CAN! I WILL!, Laura and Richard decided to try and bring their message of empowerment, community and hope to a wider audience via webinar technology on the Internet.

During A Meeting of the Minds, participants will confront issues that are taking place in their lives and communities as people with dementia. They will hear stories from people with dementia who are already taking action in ways small and big in their own lives. They will brainstorm possible actions, saying “I CAN!” and “I WILL!” to some goals, and finally, will consider ways in which they can support each other in taking these actions.

Separate meetings are being held for the USA and Canada so that participants can discuss issues that may be particular to their countries. In the future, Richard and Laura hope to make these meetings even more focused and local, so that participants can connect and create community together.

Registration is open for both meetings. Many people with dementia have registered, along with family members, friends or other caregivers acting as support people. There have also been inquiries from Early Stage Support Group facilitators, who will broadcast the webinar live to support group participants.

For more information about A Meeting of the Minds and to register, go to


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A Meeting Of The Minds –

A Support Group For Those With Dementia

This is a fabulous opportunity to connect and make a difference!

Bringing folks with the symptoms of Dementia together into one virtual room.

USA – Sept. 10 at 12pm Central Time
Canada – Sept. 11 @ 12 pm Central Time

To register, please visit www.dementiasupportnetworks.com

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“I Can I Will” Program

Through Alzheimer’s Disease International

Dr Richard Taylor & Laura Bramly will discuss the “I  Can I Will”  Program

Another way to stand up and speak out. A way to benefit from the collective life experiences of kindred spirits living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.“I CAN! I WILL!” raises awareness about dementia, addressing the myths and stigmas that accompany a diagnosis of dementia, and enabling people living with dementia to be more open with others about their disability.

With support both from Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), the I CAN! I WILL! Stand Up and Speak About Dementia project and website has moved from dream to reality.  It is a unique information resource about dementia and the people who live with it.  A place where people from all walks of life and countries can share their experiences with dementia finding hope and inspiration.

The goal of the I CAN! I WILL! is to become an “idea library.”  By reading the ideas posted on the website— AND contributing their own thoughts — people with dementia, care partners, professional carers, medical professionals, Alzheimer’s society/association members and others can say “I CAN!” and “I WILL!” to ideas that can impact their own lives, families and communities, and potentially, the world.






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Life can be awful. Now it has gotten worse!

(Paraphrase of Woody Allen’s words and view of life)


Dr Richard Taylor

On Watching and Hearing the Wisdom of the new Federal Committee to write a plan to plan to write a plan (now to write a draft of a plan to plan  to write a plan) of how the Federal Government should lead/fund/Create the efforts of a few to “create a world without Alzheimer’s on or just before or after January 1, 2025…

I spent the last few days watching the self-anointed leaders of the Alzheimer’s crisis take a step backwards from their own promise (a plan to write a plan) and produce a framework of a plan to write a plan). And then spend a day telling each other the framework is not enough.


Finally I had to turn it off. Enough was/is enough. I commit to spend the remainder of my public life pointing out the fallacies, half-truths, myths, and stigmas these folks are creating and reinforcing out of one side of their mouths, while out of the other side comes their promise to undo what they persist in creating. Of course they can still suck through a straw in the middle of their mouths your support, donations, and prayers. And they can occasionally burp out a false hope or two every so often. We cannot let these foxes be the spokespersons for us. We cannot let them spend all our money on bench/cure research and relatively little on psychosocial research. We cannot let them decide for us who should the focus of their efforts and who can be ignored.It’s time for the chickens stand up and crow, to walk around a pick/peck. To be seen and heard.


Myths, half-truths, lies, and hoaxes are what we use as stand-ins to avoid thinking about specific individuals.  True we demonize some, we lionize others. We take pity on some, and worship others. Yet everyone is someone, distinctly different and fundamentally alike as you and I are with each other. But it is easier, safer to think of classes of human beings – by sex, race, ethnicity, disease groups, etc.


If we continue to buy the lie that Alzheimer’s Disease is sole cause of the public health crisis we are dooming more than another generation to feel “left out” of the dementia discussion, of the dementia research, of the dementia support (such as it is) provided by organizations and governments.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong.



If we continue to but the hoaxes, half-truths and myths promoted by organizations and researchers that all that is need is 13 more years, lots and lots more money spent quicker, and a committee or two to watch over the assured progress we are dooming the rest of the dementia community (those with a diagnosis of probably Alzheimer’s) to a life much emptier of quality, meaning, and joy while we wait for the clouds to part and the cure pill to come tumbling down on January 1, 2025.


This is wrong, wrong, wrong.


What are we goanna do for/about the increasingly bad state of life for 10 million Americans now living with some form of dementia, and 10 more millions of their care partners? What are the research priorities? Finding answers to today’s human problems, or making up a date when there will no longer be tomorrow’s problems.


Let us stop watching this happen. There is no plan, there is no science, and there is no growing consensus outside of a relatively small group of researchers, to find a cure on or near January 1, 2025.


Let us stand up and speak out. These emperors of Alzheimer’s are not the leaders who will address the dementia public health crisis. These emperors stand naked from their own inability to solve half or these of this 30-year-old crisis. They stand naked together and lacking little to no support from their scientific colleagues most of whom admit we are not even close to understanding Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Remember the findings of the NIH just last year/

Now comes a committee of the one eye (bench research) to proclaim “war on Alzheimer’s.” They even tell us the date the war will be over, if only we sacrifice the quality of life of those with it, so we can concentrate our energy, donations, money, prayers of finding a cure pill so no one else will ever get it and we can finally after all who now have it die, live in a world without Alzheimer’s (but of course still filled with the other fifty or so forms of dementia).


This is wrong, wrong, wrong.


They are declaring war, to the neglect of those who in whose name they want us to fight/donate. This war, as most wars comes down to power, influence, fame, and money. Though pure of motive in most of their minds and hearts, they have simply come to believe their own hoaxes, lies, half-truths, and stigmas. These in their twisted minds justify the war. The justify neglecting those in whose name the war is fraught, and write them off as collateral and relatively inexpensive casualties. This war is about opening up nursing home beds, saving Medicare, reducing the federal deficit. For these are the reasons/evidence they advance to justify the war. And, yes, there are occasional warnings of “this could happen to you if you don’t do and support what we ask/need. And who is the enemy? What is the enemy? Dementia? Alzheimer’s Disease? Stigmas and hoaxes? The symptoms of the poor, suffering, soulless, dying twice barely human beings who are living with the symptoms?


Be careful not to wound them while you shoot at their symptoms. Be careful not to demonize them with your neglect of their humanity, your weapons of war which may or may not slow down, reverse, eliminate, and/or destroy the symptoms – but then again the last 15 weapons (pills) we have developed have all failed, leaving broken hearts, broken half promises, crushed hopes in the minds and hearts of care partners and their partners


Please, please – For your own sake, the sakes of your family, and the rest of the world – stand up and speak out. We are quickly falling further and further behind in the race they created to capture the hearts, minds, and money of politicians and citizens. They first redefine the dementia crises with the words “The Alzheimer’s Crises.” And then they convinced others with power that they are suddenly smart enough to this time for sure truly claim the cure is just 13 years away with absolute certainty.


We all whispered to each other about how wrong this was. Wrote blogs, created petitions, made presentations to each other, fired off an occasional broad side via emails, and then we all went to bed. They have stayed up all night, running focus groups, reinforcing fears and stigmas, lobbying for 20 years for something that was “soon to come, light at the end of the tunnel, supported by breakthroughs. Claiming, now they know what to do, how to do it, they just lack a few pennies to support their efforts.


Now they spread false hopes, reinforce stigmas, state wishes as facts – all while under the all-knowing eyes of the Executive and Legislative branches of our government.


What is each of us going to do about out this? What are some of us going to do about this? What should all of us do about this?


You decide. I have.


Richard Taylor


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