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Poem: The One’s in Blue – Written by a Nurse

The One’s in Blue

I know I should remember my name and how to dress, Yet I cannot fathom why I remember less and less.

Last week I went out shopping and

forgot where I called home,

I didn’t know where or who I was, I forgot I had a phone.

You are also getting tired, it’s plain for all to see, and I am not the same person, i am no longer ‘me’.

I cannot control my emotions, I shout out hit and curse, That’s why they came and got me, that’s where I met that nurse.

I can no longer tell you where I am or what is meant to be, But I do know that those ones in blue are there to look after me.

They help me with my clothes, they help me brush my hair, They help me try to understand why you’re no longer there.

I now feel less stupid by those ones dressed in blue, They care they love they laugh, my tears now falling few.

They point you out in photos, and talk of our life had, My memories of us together no longer feeling sad.

Our lives have turned out different, this was never part of our plan, But those ones wearing blue have turned “I can’t” into “i can”.

About Maria Weeks:

After qualifying as a registered nurse in 2019, she worked within a hospital ward setting until recently moving into a role within a nursing home on a dementia unit. Although she felt she would miss the clinical chaos of the wards, maria has been nothing but astounded at the level of care the care/nurse staff provide on a daily basis on the dementia unit. She wrote this poem as an example of how the staff here can transform a life lost to honour a ‘life lived’.

Maria Weeks – mariadzioba@hotmail.com

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Voices from the Trenches – CNA’s Speak Out

CNA’s Speak Out on Dementia

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Corey Rotella began her work in long term care 2008, as a caregiver on the memory care unit. It quite literally changed her life. She is a member of the Alzheimer’s association, a co-author of both the blog and book CNA edge: A voice from the trenches of long term care.

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