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Kindness: The Key To Care

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Talks with Michael Lloyd-White

 with World Kindness USA

Tuesday June 19th, 2018 at 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST and 7pm London

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Today, Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio discusses a key component which is greatly missing in our world today – KINDNESS!   Lori is thrilled to talk with Michael Lloyd-White about the power of kindness. Michael is the Chief Advisor to the Board for World Kindness USA.” 

World Kindness USA (WKUSA) is launching on the back of a 20-year international campaign, which has, over the last five years seen national kindness bodies established in the Australia, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, and now… the USA!  WKUSA is designed to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to unite as a nation, on the platform of kindness… regardless of politics, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and even zip codes, all set in the belief we deserve to see a kinder world in our lifetime.

We believe this movement can enhance dementia care greatly while improving communities and society.  Listen or watch the video interview and get motivated by Michael who was just honored with the title of the “Most Inspiring Man.”

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Contact World Kindness USA (WKUSA)​ 

Website:  https://worldkindnessusa.org/

Email:  info@worldkindnessusa.org


June 9th, 2018 – Over 200 people packed the room to hear Cyndy Luzinski and

Lori La Bey speak on living graciously with dementia.

Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado is a local nonprofit organization which provides life enrichment opportunities (including memory cafes), care partner support, and dementia-friendly business education. We exist so that no one walking the dementia journey has to walk alone.

Website:  http://dementiafriendlycommunitiesnoco.org/

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Trevor Mumby Shares Passionate Tips for Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio 

Talks with Trevor Mumby

Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer’s Speaks is thrilled to interview Trevor Mumby from the U.K.. Tune in for a fun, heartfelt and uplifting conversation between two passionate advocates changing perceptions of dementia and learn brilliant tips Trevor has to offer to bring joy to those living with dementia, their families as well as professionals.  

Contact Trevor Mumby:     Email

Email Trevor to Get His Books

Coming Soon – Euphoria Made Easy

Come See Lori La Bey in Colorado!

June 5th – Grand Junction

June 6th – Grand Junction and Delta

June 7th – Montrose

June 8th and 9th  – Fort Collins

Looking for a Keynoter, Consultant or Trainer?

See what LeadingAge has to say about Lori La Bey

 “Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard.” 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge Washington

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Atria Senior Living Sponsors FREE Educational Events in Cape Cod

Cape Cod Welcomes

Lori La Bey October 24th

3 FREE Live Events

For Professionals & Families

Sponsored by Atria Woodbriar 


Additional Programs are Scheduled at:

Oct. 25th, 2017 – Atria Marland Place in Massachusetts (978-357-8628)

Oct. 26th, 2017 – Atria Stratford in Connecticut (203-916-5124)

Oct. 26th, 2017 – Atria Crossroads Place (860-910-4785)

Watch “His Neighbor Phil” Trailer

We Set Sail In 3 Weeks

Join Us!

We are honored by your response to our offering of the Dementia Friendly Symposium and Cruise and we are encouraging people to book their cabins before we are sold out!

For more details on the symposium and cruise go to https://alzheimersspeaks.com/cruise-with-us

Click here for the Symposium Program

Kathy Shoaf the travel agent handling the symposium and cruise can be reached at: 219-608-2002 or email her at Kathy.Shoaf@CruisePlanners.com

Learn What the City of Roseville, MN

to be Dementia Friendly

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Insights from Arthur’s 

Here is One of Many Free Tips

Contact Lori La Bey to Host the Dementia Film

“His Neighbor Phil”


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How to Communicate with a Person with Dementia

How to Communicate with a Person with Dementia DC_031917_How_to_communicate_with_a_person_with_dementia_SNAP

Our Experts have Dementia

Dementia Chats: Where voices of those diagnosed with dementia are heard.  

Dementia Chats™ was created with the intention to educate people living with dementia; their care partners – family, friends as well as professionals and advocates.  Our Experts are those diagnosed with dementia. We have been doing this series since July of 2012.

Today we had an interesting conversation regarding communication.  You will here from those diagnosed and what they think about all the tips given by “Professionals” to communicate with them.

You will gain insights which will help you care better.  Learn how their senses change, how their emotions and behaviors are affect by their surroundings and how that impacts them in their daily living.

Thank You To Our Experts Living With Dementia:

Michael Ellenbogen
Paulan Gordon
Truthful Loving Kindness
Brian LeBlanc
Laurie Scherrer
Mary Howard
Susan Suchan
Harry Urban

Here are the links to “20 Sign Language Words”

Laurie Scherrer’s Website

Brought to You by and Facilitated by

Lori La Bey, Founder of

For Additional Educational Videos Click Below

Copy of DC_HQ_062714_banneryellow2





  • Exercise your brain and body with a specially designed and fun fitness experience
  • Engage in a brain healthy marketplace with friends, food, books, experts and more
  • Educate yourself with a panel of superstars in brain research, fitness, nutrition and more
  • Empower yourself to save your brain and help wipe out Alzheimer’s

You’re invited to join Maria Shriver and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement for a fun, one-of-a-kind event to wipe out Alzheimer’s. Sign up, fundraise and be a part of this exciting three hour experience featuring an exclusive mind-body workout just for Move for Minds participants!

One Day. Eight Cities. Millions Impacted.
June 4, 2017
Boston | DallasLos Angeles | Miami | New York
Orange County | San Francisco | Washington DC

Come Meet Lori La Bey In Orange County

Can’t Make it?  

Donate & help her raise funds for research.

Any and all donations are appreciated.



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