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Another hot topic as we discussed reports of Robin Williams suicide now being tied to Lewy Body dementia.  Listen to what our experts living with the diagnosis of dementia think about having the right to take ones own life with a terminal illness like Lewy Body or Alzheimer’s disease.    I believe this conversation will get you thinking and having more conversations with others.

DC_HQ_062714_solidyellow2 color photosDementia Chats are Always FREE!

Here is also a link to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio when we did a special two hour program on The Taboo Conversation, Life or Death with Dementia.

111114 DC taboo conversation life or death w dementiaClick Above to Listen to the Show

This program we devoted two full hours to a conversation with a variety of people and thoughts of living and dying with dementia.  Should one have the ability to decide when they want to end their life?  If so, when and under what circumstances?  Hear from those living with the disease, care partners, a Doctor, a Hospice Worker, an Attorney and more.  My guess is you are going to be pretty surprised by what you hear during this conversation.  I know I was.

Please note, Alzheimer’s Speaks understands not everyone will appreciate let alone agree with all comments on this show.  So we told out audience to feel free to call in and join the conversation.

Our only rule is, that all comments be respectful.  That goes for commenting on this blog as well.

Our goal is to get the topic off the taboo list.  It is our belief we need to learn more about how everyone deals with this diagnosis. What are their needs?  What are their concerns? How can we help live better with dementia?

What questions do you have?  What thoughts of yours do you want heard?  Please use the comment box to express your own thoughts on the topic.

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Silversphere Shares Insights To Living Well With Dementia

 Insights To Caring Well 

For Those With Dementia


Silversphere loves highlighting organizations, individuals, and influencers in the senior living industry that are making a difference in senior care. Recently they sat down with Lori La Bey, President of Alzheimer’s Speaks.  In the above video you will hear about her organization and the 3 pivotal steps she believes are necessary to provide person-centered care to those living with dementia.

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues.

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Ask Those With Dementia Your Questions

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We start at 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST and 8pm London time

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For additional information on dementia and caregiving go to our website below.

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Here Is The Recorded Link To


Click Below To Watch The Webinar


Today we focused on what everyone is doing to advocate for dementia and increase awareness.  We also discussed the cost of care, housing options to support living with dementia and more. 

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Harry Shares Insights To

Late Stages of Alzheimer’s

Harry Urban is another one of your featured Experts on the Dementia Chats webinars.  In fact Harry and Rick Phelps of Memory People are our Founding Experts living with the disease.  Today Harry wrote a short and poignant piece about what he say and felt as they visited a woman in end stages of the disease.  I thank all of those living with the disease who are so willing to change our Dementia Care Culture, by sharing their insights.

harry Urban

You can find Harry Urban on Facebook. 

We encourage all of you to join Dementia Chats on Facebook as well.  It is an open group and all are welcome!

Yesterday Hazel and I went along with a friend to visit her mother who is in her latter stages of dementia. We learn quite a bit from this women who I fell head over heels in love with. First we got a glimpse what my future will be like but also how misunderstood a patient can be.

When a patient says go away, you may think they are telling you to go away. Listen more closely and you may hear them say they want to go away and escape the horrors of this disease. While we were talking she was holding my hand and I felt a gentle squeeze every time she agreed with me. She was communicating with me, just not verbally. The sense of touch is so important when you are talking with your loved one.

Another patient grabbed my hand and started to talk to me about her yesterdays. I listened to her with the warmest feeling in my heart. When we left she told me, you kids come back. I felt the love we were sharing. Two strangers sharing our lives.

I have a mission, I have a purpose, sit down and listen to me, you may want to join.

I think this is a beautiful story which shows both compassion and insight to all of us caring for someone with Dementia.  I love how Harry embraced these people in end stages instead of being scared of them like most of us are, especially since he and Hazel know what is to come in their own life.

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