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Neurologist – Dr. Daniel Potts on Dementia and Compassion

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Join Host Lori La Bey

Neurologist – Dr. Daniel Potts on Dementia and Compassion

Tuesday, December 26th at 2pm EST, 1pm CST,12pm MST,11am PST and 7pm London




I can’t put into words how humbled and honored I am to be named one of fourteen people, picked by Oprah and her team as a 2018, “Health Hero.” Being mentioned twice in one year in the “O” magazine is just down right amazing.

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We are honored by your response to our offering of the Dementia Friendly Cruise.

There will be much to share in the near future!

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Dementia Care – I Love You, Who Are You?

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Dementia Care – I Love You, Who Are You?

Live on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST and 7pm London time.

052416 ASR Patti Kerr

Today we are lucky to have Patti Kerr a Certified Alzheimer’s Educator, keynote speaker, former Alzheimer’s caregiver and the author of “I Love You, Who Are You? Loving and Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s?”

Contact Information For Patti Kerr

WEBSITE:  www.pattikerr.com

FACEBOOK:  I Love You, Who Are You?

Linked In: Patti Kerr

Additional Resource Information:


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Alzheimer and You

The Alzheimer and You

Lawrence_Laganelli_IMA__Inside_medical_Assisting__The_voice_of_Medical_Assisting_POfcastUnderstanding the Condition, Relationships &

Compassion to Patient-Centered Care

Lawrence Laganelli Producer The Voice of Medical Assisting interviews Lori La Bey the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks on dementia care.  Listen in on the interesting conversation.

Lawrence Laganelli Episode-10-Lori-La-Bey logoClick Here To Listen

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keynoter_lori_la_beyHire Lori La Bey,

The #1 influencer online according to Sharecare and Dr. Oz.

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of the New Dementia Film

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It’s Time To Expand Our Views

By Lori La Bey founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

Lori_040_1LQSoftCroppedIt is a common statement to hear someone say, “When you’ve met one person with dementia, you’ve met one person with dementia.”  I believe we need to expand this statement and also understand and accept that “Once you’ve met one care partner, you’ve met one care partner and that each and every environment we are in with a person with dementia is constantly changing.”  Nothing is a given.  We must be prepared for that.  We must develop a toolkit which can offer fluid and spontaneous tools to shift perceptions and reactions to care.  It it time to stop being limited by our fear of failure and instead switch to an attitude that we should be afraid of not trying!

My personal motto is, “It’s about progress, not perfection.”  We waste an awful lot of time, energy and money trying to make something “perfect” or trying to be “personally perfect.”  I know I’ve been there and done that.  You most likely have too.  We need to embrace an attitude realizing that all we do, should always be changing to meet the varying needs of those with dementia and those caring for them. Once we realize things really don’t stay the same; it is easier to understand that in trying to be the same, sometimes we become stagnant. (I’m not saying here that routine isn’t good, as it can be great! I’m talking about allowing and giving permission for things to adjust) I believe we become ineffective thinking we have it all figured out.  Ask anyone who lost their 1st place status… it usually happens when we get too comfortable.  We must always be looking for new needs, new ways.

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