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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – Music Matters – Learn Why!

Welcome to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

asr_logo_lori_and_micWe listen to all voices on dementia.

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio goes live at 11am, EST,  10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London time.

Call in to speak with the host Lori La Bey    (714) 364-4757


This Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, we will have Ron Gregory CEO of Alzheimer’s Music Connect and it’s parent company LifeMusic, Inc.. Ron has been touched by dementia through several family members and has applied his skill set to make a difference in how we care for those with dementia. Come join the conversation and learn how powerful music is and how it can help you and those you care for.

Website – Alzheimer’s Music Connect               Phone 855-543-3687




Our second guest will be Atlanta musician Vince Zangaro who is a man with a musical mission. After his dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Zangaro left his corporate job to care for him. The lessons within this dynamic have re-inspired Zangaro’s love for music. Come and learn what he is up to and how you can participate and help his cause to improve life for those dealing with dementia.

Pamela Van Ahn, is Executive Director of Caring together in Hope and is supported by her siblings and an Uncle who serve as its Board members. Caring Together in Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to alleviate a portion of the family caregiver’s role by assisting with financial help in respite care. The foundation is dedicated to being an advocate to those families who care for a loved one at home with a diagnosis of AD/dementia. We share our knowledge as former caregivers, leverage the services currently offered by existing organizations, and deliver interim care services in the AD/dementia client’s home. In addition, the foundation is actively involved in many local initiatives that raise awareness about the personal, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial challenges that come with a person with dementia.



Here Is the Schedule:

Alzheimer’s Music Fest


12:00-12:40 Ghostrain
12:50-1:10 Jeff Fritz
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
1:20-2:00 Jason Grant Davis Band
2:10-2:30 Charles Spann
2:40-3:20 Elder Sun
3:30-3:50 Paths Left Undone
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
4:00-4:40 The Lost Boys
4:50-5:10 Casey Camp
5:20-6:00 Role of the Observer
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
6:10-6:30 Jon Latham
6:40-7:20 Starting Fires
7:30-8:10 The Mike Watson Band
8:20-9:00 Nine Times Blue
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
9:10-9:50 The Thrillhammers
12:00-12:20 Andrew Katter
12:30-1:10 Five O’clock Devil
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
1:20-1:40 Alex Guthrie
1:50-2:30 Anne-Marie Perry
2:40-3:00 Liz Lee
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
3:10-3:50 Over the Effect
4:00-4:20 Lianne Hutcheson
4:30-5:10 The Bitteroots
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
5:20-5:40 Luna & Sol
5:50-6:30 Zangaro
6:40-7:00 Peyton Parker
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
7:10-7:50 Alchemy
8:00-8:20 Madison Shea
8:30-9:10 Avenue of the Giants
9:20-9:40 Wade Sapp
*5 min Alzheimer’s Knowledge Speaker
9:50-10:30 Gurufish

Email Vince:   vincezangaro@gmail.com                Phone him at:     770-547-3244

Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks Website for more resources and information

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Bakhus Saba Does It Again!

This song was written by Karen Morand, Dale Butler, and Bakhus Saba. “You Are Here” is about younger onset dementia and its many forms with Alzheimer’s, as the most common.

The lyrics to “You Are Here”

God knows what’s happening here

I’m all alone in my fear

“Early onset” is what I’ve been told

 I’m too young to be old

 All the memories I’ve known

Are fading into the unknown

The life I lived with the people I love

Are ghosts that haunt me now

I need to know somehow…


You are here

You are near

Hold my hand  

One thing remains through the years – you are here.

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

The eyes of a stranger stare back at me

The look is familiar but something is wrong

Like an old forgotten song

Can you help me sing along?

A music video of a song that tells of the truths and struggles about the affects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lyrics for “STILL A CHILD

If you knew what I was going through
You’d approve of what I had to do.
Putting you away for the rest of your days,
Play on my heart and tears me apart

I walk away with you on my mind,
It’s killing me to leave you behind.
You’re begging me to take you home,
But I feel so guilty because I leave alone

Cause I’m still a child when I look in your eyes
And it makes me cry and it makes me cry
Now every hello feels like I’m saying goodbye
Goodbye good bye goodbye

If I could have you back for one more day
Would you reassure me what I’m doing is okay
Would you comfort me and ease my mind,
Cause only you can help me find my way

Song written by John and Michele Law and Bakhus Saba © 2011 SOCAN

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Music Therapy –

Engage and Enjoy Those With Dementia

upbeat_music_1 011513_ASR_BAnner_music_therapy_wendyClick on the above banner to go to the radio program

upbeat_music_2Today’s guest is Wendy Krueger, who  has been a Board Certified Music Therapist for nearly seven years. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy in 2006, and currently works at developing new Music Therapy programs in Northeastern Massachusetts through her business, Up Beat Music Therapy.

Wendy directs a Music Therapy Internship program and supervises undergraduate students who are beginning placements in a Dementia-care setting.  Out of the many facilities she contracts with, Wendy works most with (and finds her passion most from) clients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

Studies have found that music is an incredibly powerful tool in the treatment and prevention of dementia-related behaviors and alleviates symptoms of the disease in many ways. As the population of people with dementia grows, Wendy is fortunate enough to have found her niche working with individuals so in need, and so often forgotten about.

We had a wonderful conversation, received great tips on how to use music as magic with those struggling with Dementia and had some great interaction from our audience members.  I hope you enjoy the show!

To learn more about Wend click on the banner below.  From her website you can email her, follow her on facebook, twitter and linked.

wendy logo

Click Above To Get More Information

Also don’t forget to check out our website.  Just click on the banner below!


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