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Dementia Awareness Raised With Music through Magic

Dementia Awareness Raised

With Music through Magic

110315 ASR Bakhus and Dale Butler wrote a songClick Above to Listen

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Bakhus Saba Does It Again!

This song was written by Karen Morand, Dale Butler, and Bakhus Saba. “You Are Here” is about younger onset dementia and its many forms with Alzheimer’s, as the most common.

The lyrics to “You Are Here”

God knows what’s happening here

I’m all alone in my fear

“Early onset” is what I’ve been told

 I’m too young to be old

 All the memories I’ve known

Are fading into the unknown

The life I lived with the people I love

Are ghosts that haunt me now

I need to know somehow…


You are here

You are near

Hold my hand  

One thing remains through the years – you are here.

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

The eyes of a stranger stare back at me

The look is familiar but something is wrong

Like an old forgotten song

Can you help me sing along?

A music video of a song that tells of the truths and struggles about the affects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lyrics for “STILL A CHILD

If you knew what I was going through
You’d approve of what I had to do.
Putting you away for the rest of your days,
Play on my heart and tears me apart

I walk away with you on my mind,
It’s killing me to leave you behind.
You’re begging me to take you home,
But I feel so guilty because I leave alone

Cause I’m still a child when I look in your eyes
And it makes me cry and it makes me cry
Now every hello feels like I’m saying goodbye
Goodbye good bye goodbye

If I could have you back for one more day
Would you reassure me what I’m doing is okay
Would you comfort me and ease my mind,
Cause only you can help me find my way

Song written by John and Michele Law and Bakhus Saba © 2011 SOCAN

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