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KSTP – Woman Helps People World Wide Cope with Dementia

Hi Everyone,

This is the news feature KSTP – Channel 5, did on Alzheimer’s Speaks yesterday.  This is the full 4 minute version.  I know many people have contacted me saying they were not local and couldn’t see it or missed it so here it is.

I think John Gross did a great job.  He has been working on this piece for months!  I can’t thank him enough for helping us raise awareness about dementia.

If you would all be so kind to make a comment on the KSTP Page, talking about the importance of coverage of this disease; maybe the station as a whole will decide to so more stories to help people.  By working together we can make a difference… We are making a difference!

Thank you to all of my supporters.  I couldn’t do what I do without your love and support.

You truly are the best!

Here is the link.


Click on the picture above to view the video

For more information on Alzheimer’s Speaks visit our website.


Check out the 2 hour radio show we are doing

Tuesday the 23rd on Dementia and Driving too.

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Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks


Today I Start Fresh…Coping with Memory Loss

By Lori La Bey



This is a prayer I wrote.  It can easily be changed to accommodate any religion.  Some days dealing with this disease I have to remind myself I am not in control and it is ok.



My Mother Unresponsive


Today I start fresh

I let go of all and let GOD take over

For I am his Sheppard, Let him direct me

Let him guide and protect me on my journey

For it is GOD’s Devine plan, not mine

I am just a tool in the scheme of things

Let me breathe deep and cleanse my soul

Let me see opportunities as they come before me

Let me react to all situations to maximize GOD’s plan

Let me be humble and forgive myself and others

Let me embrace the future and all the possibilities it holds

In his name I pray Amen

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