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Carolyn Rosenblatt Author of

“The Family Guide to Aging Parents”

060215 ASR Carolyn Rosenblatt

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Tuesday

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11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST,8am PST and 4pm London

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Tuesday we will be lucky to have Carolyn Rosenblatt, author of “The Family Guide to Aging Parents: Answers to Your Legal, Financial and Healthcare Questions.”  She has over 45 years of experience in nursing and her legal practice.

Carolyn Rosenbllatt husband Mikol DavieDr. Davis is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience in mental health.  He has helped hundreds of individuals, families and couples deal with relationship issues. He has a particular interest in elders and the issues of aging as it affects families.  He evaluates elders for capacity for decision-making and is skilled in assessing and diagnosing financial capacity in those with cognitive impairment.

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio loves raising everyone’s voice regarding Dementia and Caregiving, so feel free to join us live by calling in to talk with us or using the chat box to communicate with us. What questions do you have for our guest?


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Phone: 415 459-0413

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The Gift of Alzheimer’s with Author Maggie La Tourelle

051215 AST Maggie La Tourelle  The gift od Alheimers bookYes You Read The Title Right! 

Maggie La Tourelle book cover the gift of alzI can’t wait to talk with Maggie La Tourelle, the author of “The Gift of Alzheimer’s – New Insights into the Potential in Alzheimer’s and its Care,” as I feel the same way.  I know how strange it sounds to people as they are always saying how horrible the journey must be…. but I too have learned to look for and find the gifts wrapped in disease.

Maggie La Tourelle headshotJoin the conversation as we talk with Maggie, a writer, therapist and teacher who has worked in the field of holistic health care for over thirty years. YOu can call in and ask a question or make a comment at (714) 364-4757.  I promise the show will be interesting, enlightening and uplifting!

We go live Tuesday, May12th, 2015

11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London time

All shows archived for easy listening later too!

The Gift of Alzheimer’s Website

Maggie’s general website

Help Advance Alzheimer’s Research.

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