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The Long Hello – Memory, My Mother and Me

The Long Hello –

Memory, My Mother and Me

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Join Us Friday, April 15th, 2016 – Click Above to Listen Live

2:00pm EST, 1:00pm CST, 12:00pm MST, 11:00am PST and 7:00pm London Time

Today we will talk with author Cathie Borrie who has written a beautiful book called “The Long Hello,” which shares her personal story of learning to live with her mother and her diagnosis of dementia in a gracious and grateful way.

Contact Cathie Borrie via her website:   cathieborrie.com

You are invited to celebrate the launch of the U.S. edition of The Long Hello ~ Memory, My Mother, and Me by Cathie Borrie 

 the long hello book cover

 For those not able to attend, books are available here: http://bit.ly/1LUHHaS

​Date: Wednesday, April 20th

Time: 6-8:30pm

The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery 

2nd Floor – 537 Broadway,  New York 

Includes a reading by Cathie Borrie, 

accompanied by actor Jill Eikenberry


 GOOGLE MAPS – The Emily Harvey Foundation – 537 Broadway 10012 

Reviews on The Long Hello – Memory, My Mother, and Me

A Powerful, Ground-Shifting Account of Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s


Maya Angelou, author, poet, civil rights activist

“A sparse yet deeply affecting poetic story of love and devotion . . . that will pierce and heal the heart.”

Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice

“A graceful dance between mother and daughter through the ever-changing rhythms of Alzheimer’s disease. Beautiful and profound . . . One of my favourite books on the topic!”

G.Allen Power, MD, author of Dementia Beyond Drugs and Beyond Disease

“An exceptional book about caring for people with dementia that offers a paradigm-shifting approach to maintaining relationship.  Borrie enters deeply into her mother’s world, and a poetic dialogue of mutual love and respect is the result.  Should be required reading for everyone caring for people with dementia, and included in the syllabus of healthcare professionals learning how to do so.”

Marc Wortmann, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Disease International 

“Cathie Borrie has learned how to respect the wisdom in her mother’s free associations.  The Long Hello will touch deeply all who love.

Naomi Feil, author of V/F Validation: The Feil Method

“A loving, dutiful daughter writes about her desperate confrontation with her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. Though she holds degrees in public health and law, her vocation is clearly creative nonfiction. . . As Borrie presents them, her mother’s non sequiturs, surely a badge of Alzheimer’s, make a wonderful kind of poetry, mysterious and even witty. Journal entries combine for a short, poignant record of two lives, a moving history of a mother and her child.”

Kirkus Reviews

~The Book~

Cathie Borrie has advanced degrees in health and law, and even trained as a nurse, but nothing prepared her for the experience of caring for her mother, Jo, while she was living with Alzheimer’s disease. After many wrong turns in trying to bring back the person her mother used to be, Cathie realized that her role was to follow, not lead – something she learned in studying ballroom dance.

Delighted by the things Jo would say, she decided to tape their conversations, and a wondrously poetic dialogue unfolded. In Borrie’s spare prose, her mother’s story becomes a family’s story as well as a deeply loving portrait that embraces life.  Cathie performs theatrical readings at international conferences on Alzheimer’s and caregiving.

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Register For The FREE Telesummit on Dementia Feb 10th -15th


The “Triumphing Over the Isolation of Alzheimer’s Telesummit: Simple Solutions for Family and Professional Caregivers” is a 5-day online event with leading experts providing the information and resources you need to evaluate your needs, identify action steps and find solutions!  There is a great line up of speakers. (Please note the schedule could change.)

To Learn More and Register Click Here

Mon, Feb 10 8PM   INA GILMORE MD   Welcome and Overview
  9PM   LORI LA BEY   Improving Dementia Care Through Economical & Global Collaborations
  10PM   JANET EDMUNSON   Importance of Positive Emotions for Caregivers
Tues, Feb 11 8PM   JAMES CREASY   Jiminy Wicket and Through Hoops to Hope
  9PM   KIRTI KHALSA   The 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention
  10PM   MICHAEL ELLENBOGEN   Living With Alzheimer’s
Wed., Feb 12 8PM   CATHIE BORRIE   The Long Hello of Alzheimer’s
  9PM   ELLAYNE GANZFRIED   Let’s Communicate: Strategies for Caregivers
  10PM   MARC WORTMANN    The Global Alzheimer Movement 
Thurs, Feb 13 8PM   LISA HIRSCH   My Mom My Hero
  9PM   TOM & KAREN BRENNER   You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello: The Montessori Method for Positive Dementia Care
  10PM   DENNIS STACK   Building Legacies Saves Memories and Unites Families
Fri, Feb 14 8PM   GARY LE BLANC   Alzheimer’s/Dementia Hospital Wristband Program
  9PM   HARRY URBAN   My Thoughts On Dementia
  10PM   DENISE CRAIG   Young Onset Dementia Support Group – Facebook
BONUS TALK          
Sat, Feb 15 2PM   ISRAEL ELLEN   The Six Pillars of Brain Health

To Learn More and Register Click Here

For additional resources on dementia and caregiving check out our website below

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Two Sharecare Experts Join Forces to Celebrate National Alzheimer’s & Caregiver Month

Two of the Top 10 most influential online experts on Alzheimer’s disease according to ShareCare – the health and wellness experts site launched by Dr. Oz – Lori La Bey (#1) of Alzheimer’s Speaks and Sherri Snelling (#4) of Caregiving Club announced today a joint project in November to celebrate National Caregiver Month and National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

The “Let’s Talk Tuesdays” series of caregiving radio programs on La Bey’s Alzheimer’s Speaks blog talk radio channel features both ShareCare experts interviewing other thought leaders on caregiving topics to help empower, enlighten and engage the nation’s 65 million family caregivers. In addition to La Bey discussing the growing trend in Memory Cafes and Snelling talking about the tipping points and health risks caregivers face, the hosts have selected a line-up of experts ranging in topics from technology to volunteerism to entertainment and education programs.

Click above to go directly to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio page. 

Shows run 2 hours and start each Tuesday at

11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST, 4pm London time

All programs are archived for ease of access.

The programs will air live every Tuesday in November from 10 a.m. to Noon CT and features: Eric Hall, Chairman of the Board of the newly launched Alzheimer’s Global Initiative; Brooks Kenny of Lotsa Helping Hands will talk about volunteering to help caregivers; Cathie Borrie, author of The Long Hello, will talk about adapting her memoir for the stage; Daniel and Ellen Potts will talk about the first middle school language arts curriculum for Alzheimer’s awareness Let Me Be Your Memory; Gary Kaye, founder of IntheBoomBox.TV will talk on caregiving technology; Walter Greenleaf Stanford Center on Longevity will discuss a global student design challenge to help early-stage dementia sufferers with safety and independence; Karen Love CCAL will discuss Advancing Person Center Living & Dementia Action Alliance on Building Alliances for Person-Centered Care; Carole Larkin from Third Age Services will discuss Memory Cafes.  Some members will also tell us what they think about these groups and Ruth Curran creator of Cranium Crunches will discuss brain games and smartphone apps to help caregivers engage with loved ones and learn to relax. Check the host web sites for detailed guest information.

“Caregivers often say they feel all alone which is why Lori and I teamed up for this special effort on her talk radio program to encourage caregivers, especially the 15 million Americans caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, to call in and talk to us as well as learn from other experts about resources and services to help them and to know they are not alone,” says Sherri Snelling, founder and CEO of Caregiving Club and author of “A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrities Stories to Help You Prepare to Care.” “Part of our role as ShareCare experts is providing guidance and advice to caregivers who don’t know where to turn. My personal mission is to help caregivers navigate caring for their loved one while also finding time to care for themselves – what I call the Sandwich Generation juggling act.”

“My goal is to shift the dementia care culture worldwide, from crisis to comfort, by giving a voice to all which is why this November we’re going to highlight caregiver challenges and solutions,” says Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks. “If we can help even one person with dementia or those caring for others as a result of these radio shows and help change how dementia care is perceived, received and delivered, then we’ll start the spark that will ignite a huge difference caregiver’s lives.”

About Caregiving Club
Sherri Snelling, CEO and founder of the Caregiving Club and author of A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrities Stories to Help You Prepare to Care, is a nationally recognized expert on America’s 65 million family caregivers with special emphasis on how to help caregivers balance self-care while caring for a loved one. Sherri has been honored as one of the Top 10 Influencers on Alzheimer’s by Sharecare, the online health and wellness experts site created by Dr. Mehmet Oz. She is a caregiving contributor reaching 15 million readers monthly through the Huffington Post, Forbes.com, PBS/Next Avenue, MariaShriver.com, MORE.com, Alzheimer’s Association and Caring.com. She is also a TV producer, program host and celebrity interviewer at red carpet galas, creator of the Me Time Monday weekly videos in support of the non-profit Healthy Mondays Campaign, Caregiver’s Network Webinar host for Lifecare’s 61,000 employer clients and the former Chairman of the National Alliance for Caregiving based in Washington, D.C. Sherri has been a caregiver for her maternal grandparents and recently for her father who passed away from prostate cancer.

Follow on Twitter: @SherriSnelling and @CaregivingClub and learn more at: caregivingclub.com

About Alzheimer’s Speaks
Lori La Bey is founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, a U.S.- based advocacy group that provides education and support for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. She was named the #1 Influencer online for Alzheimer’s by Sharecare with Dr. Oz in November of 2012. Her training programs are designed for people with memory loss, care partners, professionals and the public. She is a highly sought after speaker, trainer, and advocate for new delivery systems and attitudes towards those with memory loss. Her mission is to deliver programs such as her Dementia Chats Webinar™, platforms and collaborations such as Memory Cafes and Dementia Friendly Campaigns to the US. Along with the newly launched Resource Directory which allows the world to share knowledge in an easy to use format. In addition to her radio show, Lori has been a contributing author in four books and is currently working on two books. Lori is a long-time caregiver for her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease and has also been a caregiver for her father.

Follow on Twitter at: @AlzSpks and learn more at: www.alzheimersspeaks.com

About ShareCare
Sharecare, created by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeff Arnold, is the online destination for content contributors including the most prestigious associations, leading brands, eminent hospitals and significant healthcare organizations and professional societies that represent the world’s foremost medical expertise. From the American Red Cross to Colgate to Johns Hopkins Medicine to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Sharecare.com is bringing together diversity in thought leadership from the top minds in the healthcare field to provide consumers with multiple perspectives within a single web site dedicated to improving health. SharecareNow, a partnership of Sharecare and powered by WCG, is dedicated to facilitating more meaningful online conversations about health and wellness among patients, physicians, brands and associated healthcare organizations and professionals. They have identified the Top 10 influencers on a variety of topics including Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Nutrition, Eye Health, Breast Cancer and Children’s Health. In 2012 they added influencers for Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more at: sharecare.com


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Do You Know Me Now?

This video looks at three lives altered by memory loss and Alzheimer’s. By calling on favorite childhood occupations and memories deep affinities surface in painting, song, poetry, writing, and hospitality. They may become triggers for new ways to communicate. It is all about “personhood,” and discovering spiritual relationship.

As viewer Sylvia Overby said after screening, the video shows

“A terrible disease that may hold hidden riches.”

alz_spkslogofromwebsite_083112Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks for more Resources

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Healthy Alternatives Radio Show – ANOTHER SIDE TO ALZHEIMER’S

Last Updated on Friday, 25 February 2011 07:50 Written by billschiffler Monday, 28 February 2011 12:01

Just hearing the words Alzheimer’s Disease can cause grown men and women to shake. Yes, it’s heart-breaking, but there may be another way to understand it and learn from it. My guest, Cathie Borrie, took care of her mother for seven years. She discovered the side of Alzheimer’s that became an unexpectedly fascinating journey. From her experiences she wrote the book The Long Hello-The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, which was a finalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Literary Awards. Join me as we talk to Cathie about her experiences and how ballroom dancing played a role in her relating to her mom. Learn more about Cathie Borrie at her website http://www.CathieBorrie.com

Healthy Alternatives Radio Show Link is Below:

Cathie’s interview is about 7 minutes into the show.  You can fast forward the audio if you want to go directly to the interview.



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