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The Power Of One Expands To Many – Meet Several Individuals Shifting Our Dementia Care

What A Great Article by Paula Spencer Scott in the Parade


The Power Of One Expands To Many

Meet Several Individuals Shifting Our Dementia Care

I love seeing media that shows the power of one.  The passion to make a difference and the ripple effect it makes.  In the article above you will hear about Dementia Friendly Cities, Wristbands changing hospital protocol, senior-centered disaster preparedness, the magic of music and memories, a Librarian who started story-power hour,  dancing and dementia, an app with personalized images and prompts, the never-ending class, Memory/Alzheimer’s Cafes, and the worlds largest support group. Enjoy the article!  I did.

Don’t forget to check out Paula Spencer Scott’s book below

paula scottSurvivingAlzCOVERUse Your Power of One – Join The Purple Angel Project

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You could make a difference for your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

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Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment: What Can We Really Do?

Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment:

What Can We Really Do?

Margaret Manning with SixtyandMe.com has put another great video together.

For Information and Resources

on Dementia and Caregiving

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Wonderful Training Film For Dementia – Cathy Greenblat and Her Team Hit Another Home Run!

My Friend and Colleague

Cathy Greenblat & Her Team

Hit Another Home run!

“It Takes A Community”

If you are looking for a great example of person centered care,

you have found it with Cathy’s film series.

It Takes A Community, was filmed at Arcare Helensvale, in Queensland, Australia is one of a series of short films directed by Corinne Maunder of Fire Films that presents a fresh perspective on aged care.  This moving film looks at Arcare Helensvale’s unique relationship-centred approach to celebrating and supporting old age.  Strategy and Innovation Manager, Daniella Greenwood examples their philosophy and you to I’m sure will be touched at a heart level when she speaks as I was. Soo Borson, MD, Geriatric Psychiatrist and Dementia Specialist  also discussing the two major parts to Arcares success.

If you missed the the first film in the series, ‘Finding the Why: Enabling Active Participation in Life in Aged Care’, produced with Sociologist/Photographer Professor Cathy Greenblat, was created earlier in 2014. This film features the work of Colin McDonnell, Care Service Manager of Starrett Lodge of the Uniting Aged Care Organization.

Together, these films and more, will form part of Cathy’s upcoming project, ‘Side by Side: Love and Joy in Long Term Dementia Care‘. This project aims to highlight some of the major steps forward in long term residential dementia care, in selected aged care communities around the world, that are actively choosing to approach aged care in a forward-thinking and inspirational manner to empower residents.  Everyone deserves to live an enabled life, no matter what their circumstances.  It is up to all of us to actively participate in in a positive fashion, not only our own life but the lives of others.

For more information on Side by Side, please contact Cathy Grennblat via her website, Love Loss And Laughter.

For An Excellent Article Click Below


For information about collaborating with Corinne on a filmmaking project of your own, please visit the Fire Films.

Click here for more information about Arcare.

Click here for more information about Starrett Lodge.

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Here is a wonderful note I received from a woman whose family is dealing with dementia and who wants to make a difference in shifting our dementia care culture.  I just love when I get stuff like this!

Thank you Beth for sharing with me and giving me permission to share with others.

Beth’s Story About

Arthur’s Memory Cafe

My parents went to the Memory Cafe this week. My dad was reluctant, but said he’d try it because my mom really wanted to go. After, they got in the car and he said he really enjoyed himself and she told him that she did, too. Yesterday, I took him to lunch with a friend from high school. Out of the blue, he told my friend that he has Alzheimer’s and then told her about the memory cafe and how much he liked it. I felt the type of pride I usually have for my kids, but it was for my dad! I have never heard him talk about it!!! I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me on that article!!!

Wow What A Story. 

It Just Makes Me Smile!

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Pioneer Press Does A Great Article On Memory Cafes

What a Great Article by the Pioneer Press

memory_cafe_article_021214_snao_shotClick Above to Read the Article

Article by By Sarah Horner

Photos by Jean Pieri

george_and_annie_holding_hands_021214 chalk_board_for_memory_cafe george_and_annie_smiling_021214 karenand_lori_021214_mc marlene_kim_bill_me_mc_021214 maryanne_and_bernie_021214  annie_george_mc_021214

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KSTP’s Photo Journalist John Gross captures the essence of

Arthur’s Memory Cafe


Click on the picture above to watch this video 

Members speak honestly as to why

these gatherings are not your everyday “support group.”

I would like to thank the members of Arthur’s Memory Cafe for being so kind to share their personal thoughts with us. I believe their honesty will help remove the fear of diagnosis and engagement.   Each of them was amazing in their own way.  Thank you  Ollie and Dixielee, George and Annie, John and Virgina and Bill.  Kudos for raising awareness.

For more information on Memory and Alzheimer’s Cafe’s please visit Alzheimer’s Speaks web page which will not only give you general information, but resource tools.  In addition, you will find Memory and Alzheimer’s Cafe Mentors!  These are individuals around the world that would love to talk to you and answer your questions as to starting one up or shifting needs of your existing group.  One Mentors, Debora Tingley, the founder of the Memory Café Catalyst will even provide you a FREE web page for your own Memory Cafe!

If you live in Minnesota and are in the Twin Cities area we would love for you to join us at Arthur’s Memory Cafe.  We meet the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays each month from 1-3pm.  Feel free to contact us!

We meet at Arthur’s Coffee Shop

2441 Rice Street Roseville, MN 55113 Coffee Shop # (651) 294-4782

Contact Sarah Abbott  with Arthur’s  Memory Cafe at

651-339-4266 wk or 612-567-0096 cell

Memory & Alzheimer’s Cafe Mentors

Carole Larkin – Texas – is the founder of ThirdAge Services. Carole is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager and a nationally known expert in Alzheimer’s and related dementias care.

Lori La Bey – Minnesota – is the Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, internationally known for her dementia platforms, services, presentations and trainings.

John T. McFadden – Wisconsin – an ordained minister and his wife Susan H. McFadden, Ph.D., retired as Professor of Psychology, our the founders of the Fox Valley Memory Project.

Jytte Lokvig – New Mexico – is an artist, educator and counselor. In 2008 Dr. Lokvig opened the first Alzheimer’s Café.

David Light and Jim Delves, United Kingdom – with Carers’ Pathway.  They are former Carers now working together to help others and y have opened 26 Memory Cafés in the County of Devon UK, as well as other parts of the Country and abroad.

Sue McDermott – England – is the Peer Support Network Coordinator for Cornwall Rural Community Council. She has developed and facilitates a Memory Café Network in England.

Andy Francis, – United Kingdom – lost dear close family and friends at the hands of this debilitating condition. He developed a national UK directory.

Debora Tingley – Switzerland – is the founder of the Memory Café Catalyst. She is a gerontologist and has her PhD in Neuroscience.

For Additional Resources Check Out Our Website Below:


Debora Tingley, Memory Café Catalyst
Debora Tingley, Memory Café Catalyst

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Jiminy Wicket – Adaptive Croquet

Building Smiles Around The World

I’m looking forward to participating with our Memory Cafe in playing Jiminy Wicket Croquet on the longest day of the year to represent there is fun and engagement with life with dementia.  Arthur’s Memory Cafe and Arthur’s Residential Care will join together for a fun day of playing croquet.  Do to the weather we have decided to play indoors.  I love the Jiminy Wicket concept as it is so adaptable for locations and personal needs.  People who are fully mobile to those in walkers and wheel chairs and scooter can all  play!  Plus it’s a wonderful game for all ages to play together.  If you are looking for a why to have a lot of fun and engage those with dementia, their families, friends, staff and volunteers you need to talk with James Creasey the developer of this game.

Click on the picture below to get a great visual of Hoops to Hope

Creating Smiles Worldwide

croquet_newsJames is bringing this game into the school systems too to educate and engage our young which a perfect marriage of international interaction to help develop awareness and compassion while removing the fear of this disease.  Bring a smile to someone you know dealing with dementia. Contact Jiminy Wicket to learn how you can participate.

What Are You Waiting For Engage!

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