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Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks and Senior Lifestyle Trends


   Perceptions – Alzheimer’s patient vs. Caregiver   

This is a personal story about my Mother and her perception of a situation verse my families perception of the situation.  Once again my Mother and her disease taught us all a great lesson  that I wanted to share with all Caregivers.   

Here is the link to our youtube channel at Alzheimer’s Speaks where you can watch the story 

“Spa Day at the VOA”   


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Pull Your Purple Out!  

Pull out your purple so you can show your support for World Alzheimer’s Day today.   Help break the silence and extend your hands in support of this chronic illness and all who are dealing with it.  Get ready to chat it up and spread the word about Alzheimer’s disease.   If you are able, donate to the cause.  Show your support by volunteering or contribute financially to one of the many organizations and foundations.    

Everyone needs compassion.  Don’t let a of lack of expression or response determine ones ability to connect.   

All it takes is a mil-a-second and things can change.  


Need resources for yourself or a friend check out the Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource website:  


Need a list of organizations check out the following link on our resource website Alzheimer’s Speaks:  


Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks on YouTube:  


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