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Today Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio interviews Dr. Ethelle Lord and Author Martha Stettinius.  Both women gave us great tips and  hope for connecting to those with dementia.

Dr. Lord’s husband, was diagnosed with vascular Alzheimer’s in 2003. She says he has been her greatest teacher in the field of Alzheimer’s.  She owns Remembering 4 You.





Martha Stettinius is the author of “Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir.”  She’s a sandwich generation mom with 2 teenagers at home and a mother with advanced dementia. Martha sees Alzheimer’s not as a “long good-bye” but as a “long hello.”

www.insidedementia.com    martha@insidedementia.com

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The #1 Influencer online for Alzheimer’s Disease according to Sharecare.com

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