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Dementia Chats Educational Webinar Recorded Session – March 10th 2015

Dementia Chats Educational Webinar

Recorded Session – March 10th, 2015

031015_DC_snap_dena_robert_Paulan_robert_eilon click_above_watch_recorded_webinarToday we discussed our healthcare system with our experts living with the diagnosis of dementia.  How do we get doctors and medical professionals to get educated and knowledgeable not only about dementia specific to their specialty, but to  find out and provide supportive services to assist those dealing with the disease.  Many great examples were given and strategies were discussed in this hour long session.

For more information on the Dementia Chats Educational Webinar Series, CLICK HERE

For & Information on Dementia & Caregiving


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Two Hour Special On Frontotemporal Dementia on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Two Hour Special On Frontotemporal Dementia

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

022415 ASR FTD specialMark Your Calendars for Tuesday Feb 24th!

Live at 11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London Time!

If you can’t listen live, listen later.

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio wants all voices to join together in the conversation to share knowledge, research and insights from all angles.  There is no better way to raise awareness than being inclusive.  Let’s join forces and win this battle together!

Our guests will include:

???????????????????????????????Sharon S. Denny, Program Director

AFTD-logo-updatedHoward Glick who is diagnosed with FTD

howard glick picLisa Griffin a Care Partner for her husband John who is living with the disease

Lisa Griffin FTD caregiverDr. Alvin Holm

dr holm cirlcewith

Dr Holm bethesda-logo-blue Heidi LaMeyer- Prelude Wellness Director at

Prelude whitbckgrd

Judy Berry

Judy Berry picwithJudyn Berry logoWho is consulting with Prelude Memory Care 

We encourage anyone who is dealing with or interested in dementia to join the conversation by

calling in live at (714) 364-4757 or using the chat box!

For Additional Resource And Information

Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Website Below

alzsnap_serv_072413For More Resources Check Out Our Friends!


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Alan Arnette & His Mother

Alan Arnette
& His Mother

Please check out my dear friend Alan Arnette’s Blog.  He has written a great article about what he wants to X-Mas.  He gives us all good food for thought.

What do you want for the Holidays?  What is important to you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any ideas how you are going to help make it happen.

Don’t Forget to Check Us Out!


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Alan Arnette on a climb

We had a great show today featuring Alan Arnette updating us on his status with his 7 summit Climb for Alzheimer’s and what is next in 2012.


Rick Phelps Found of Memory People on Facebook


Dr Jytte Lokvig known for her work with Alzheimer’s Cafes, Rick Phelps founder of Memory People on Facebook and myself as one of the founders of J. Arthur’s Memory Cafe in Minnesota discuss what’s support models are working and why.

Dr. Jytte Lokvig







Listen to
Alzheimers Speaks Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio

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Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness –

Common Sense Caregiving with Gary LeBlanc

Author, Gary Joseph LeBlanc. 

Gary writes a weekly column of “Common Sense Caregiving” in the Hernando Today, Tampa Tribune, and many other health publications.

His writings utilize his 3,000 plus days of personal caregiving experience to help other Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers cope with the everyday challenges and emotional struggles of caring for the memory-impaired.

Gary’s book is wonderful!  It is filled with great insights, tips, quotes, and poems.  I can’t believe how much I’ve dog eared and highlighted portions of my book for easy reference to his brilliant yet practical thoughts.

Kudos Gary!  I can’t wait to have you on the show!

Rick Phelps, Founder of Memory People on Facebook will also be making an announce…. so stay posted!

Click Here To Get To The Radio Show

Alan Arnette who is climbing The 7  Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s to Raise awareness and funds for the Disease will also be joining us later in the show.




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Update On Our Good Friend  and Advocate Alan Arnette and The 7 Summits Climb For Alzheimer’s

Alan Arnette reached the summit of Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa – just this morning! He notes that his 6th of The 7 Summits Climb For Alzheimer’s is particularly special during this World Alzheimer’s Month and he encourages listeners to learn about the differences between Alzheimer’s and normal aging.

Alan provides an update that it will take the team about four hours to get back down to high camp and another four hours to get to 10,000 ft camp.

You can listen to the full audio dispatch here.

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Mountaineer Alan Arnette shares his story with Alzheimer’s…  Check out his website and facebook for so amazing details of his journey









In addition to Alan, we will be interviewing Producer Clay Johnson who is releasing his new documentary called Lo Lo about a woman and her family and their journey with the Alzheimer’s disease.  Check out the trailer for the film:


To join the show Friday or listen after the live show is featured CLICK HERE

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