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Rec Therapy and Art

Airs – November 24th, 2015

2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST and 7pm London time

112415 ASR Mindy Bolton Rec Therapy

Today Lori La Bey interviews Mindy Bolton, an art and recreation facilitator in long-term care and adult day program settings.  Mindy uses the visual arts—as well as improvisational theater techniques, writing, and movement, to engage with and ignite the passions of those who live with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Listen in to their interesting conversation about how to engage those with dementia.  I’m sure you will learn a lot and be very impressed with Mindy’s attitude and vision for those with dementia.

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Phone # 952-994-2420

Email: yesandthankyou@gmail.com



Learn More About The New Dementia Film –

His Neighbor Phil


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EasyPhone App

patrick talley blue button logoHelps Those With Dementia

Patrick Talley does it again!

“I feel like a bad son because I get frustrated with my mom constantly asking me how to use her smartphone,” my friend Bill said to me over Barbeque one evening.

I replied with, “Ya’ gotta reframe your mind Hoss, for you it is the fiftieth time she has asked but for her it is the first time she has asked.  And besides, these dang smartphones  Are  too hard to use. Who thinks a seven button sequence just to make a phone call is easy. Somebody should make it just one button.”

So we did.

45 days later and we released EasyPhone App

EasyPhone App is the easiest way to make a phone call.

“Smartphones” are not as smart as they should be so we created the EasyPhone App.  It is about as simple to set up as it could possible be.  Two steps and you are calling people with one button click.

Download the app from google play store or Apple’s app store and:

STEP 1: Go to contacts and select the people you want to show on your screen (favorites).

STEP2: Click the save button after you have selected the contacts.

The EasyPhone App will then turn your smartphone screen into a bunch of friendly faces.  The photos of contacts previously selected are shown in  order  of selection.

Touch the face and you are calling that person.

It’s As easy as that!

Funny thing about creating something like the EasyPhone App is that I designed it for people with cognitive challenges like my climbing buddy’s mom but I used it for two weeks as a beta (test) version on my phone and I am hooked.  No more going back through recent call list to make a phone call or scrolling through all of my contacts, I just open the app and click on the friendly face.  And I also like the fact that when I click on the app all I see is the friendly faces of my mom and my kiddos and other family and friends.

Some users are putting doctors and 911 services as a contact on the EasyPhone App as well. I am pleased that we are making things easier for people with cognitive challenges and I am encouraged by all of the supportive comments from users and care givers.

Take a look at


This app took us 45 days from a dinner conversation to release, if you have an idea for an app to help people with cognitive and memory challenges, please feel free to reach out to us and we will see if we can help.

Patrick Talley

creator of EasyPhone, Swaha, Stories etc and HeraTrack

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Learn About “His Neighbor Phil” The New Film About Dementia

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The Caregiver’s Journey:

New Ways to Find Meaning

Join The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation as they host another FREE Tele-Seminar.

November 18th at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST and 5pm PST.

Click Here To Register

Caregiving is often a life-changing experience for men and women, although statistics tell us that most caregivers are women. After becoming a caregiver for her mother who had dementia, Lori La Bey transformed her life to become an activist for caregivers and individuals with this disease.

Register for another fantastic F*R*E*E program offered by your ARPF!
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Guest Speaker: Lori La Bey
Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

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Hosted by Kirti Khalsa
Chief Operating Officer of the ARPF

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Watch A Trailer Of “His Neighbor Phil”


Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

November 17th, 2015 at

Tuesday at 2pm EST, 1pm CST,12pm MST, 11am PST


How to Shift into Peaceful & Joyous Holiday Energy

111715 TeleSummit Lori LeCarlClick Above to Listen

Awesome experts explain how to use easy “do-it-yourself” methods to shift from difficult emotions or experiences into greater peace and other uplifting feelings.

The summit host, Lori LeCarl, has gathered these experts together for YOU. Knowing about the rollercoaster ride of Alzheimer’s because her Mom has it, and knowing what works for her, Lori wants to share this invaluable information with you. She uses these methods regularly, and even daily, and now it’s your turn to enjoy the relief you deserve!

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Learn About “His Neighbor Phil” The New Film About Dementia


Here is a prayer from one of our followers.  Thank you for sharing Angela.



There are some prayers you never think you will pray,

You struggle to find the right words to say,

You search in your heart, you search in your soul,

They tell me in Him to step out and be bold.


They tell me He’ll listen if I ever speak,

He will give me hope when things look so bleak,

He will reassure me that things are okay,

He will bring me back when I walk away.


I tell myself “Well, I’ll give it a go,”

I hear him remind me I already know,

He’s shown me so many times in the past,

He’ll answer my prayer if only I’d ask….


“Dear Lord, he is weary, his body in pain,

His memory fails him again and again,

He looks so scared, so lost and alone,

Won’t you please come and take him back home.

Lord I am asking please won’t you be,

Close to him and set his heart free,

His body so frail it’s hard to believe,

He holds onto my hand when I try to leave.

Once so strong and now is so frail,

His mind so sharp, now his memory fails,

I’m there but I wonder does he even know,

He looks so sad when I turn to go.

I don’t know how much he does understand,

The only comfort I can give is my hand,

Locked in his world, words he can’t speak,

Once so strong and now is so weak.

I pray you will comfort him day after day,

When he’s lost somehow you will shown him the way,

I can see him drift, his mind disappear,

When he’s scared I pray that you’ll draw him near.

Each time I see him, I know in my heart,

That time’s running out, I knew from the start,

I knew that this illness would take him from me,

So soon, so quick, it’s hard to believe.

Lord I am asking that you will protect,

For a moment I plead “please don’t take him yet”

One look I can see that he doesn’t have long,

I wonder if he knows that something is wrong?

These questions could haunt me so I know I must,

Remind myself in you I must trust,

I pray that he’s sitting right there by your throne,

Dear Lord I pray, please come take him home.”

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alz_spks_programs_graphic_w_HNP_082115Join The Purple Angel Project

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Come Watch The New

Hollywood Film On Dementia

“His Neighbor Phil”

With Us Tonight!HNP_screening_with_arthurs_111215

Today,Thursday – November 12th, 2015 at 6:pm

J. Arthur’s Coffee Shop

2441 Rice Street, Roseville, MN  55113

Hosted by:

Arthur’s Residential Care, Arthur’s Memory Cafe and J. Arthur’s Coffee Shop

Filmed Sponsored by:

Alzheimer’s Speaks

This emotional packed movie will touch your heart as you laugh and cry watching a family dance with dementia when knocks on their door.  You will see yourself and other you know in the characters played.  You will gain new insights as to how and why people act the way they do when illness strikes.  After the film we will have a discussion to help the audience decompress what they just say.  Join us for an evening of connection and help us remove the isolation and fear that devastates so many.

For More Resources and Information

on Dementia and Caregiving




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