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Today we discussed:

The Easter holiday coming up.

What has changed since the diagnosis of dementia for celebrating the holidays?

Getting in home services?  How does that work?

Technology – how do you handle all the changes?

Support groups – Are they helpful?  does family have their own groups?

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and Caregiving

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Join the FREE Dementia Chats Webinar

Tuesday April 8th

DC free web for sharecare

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recorded sessions.

DC_102213_2_Click Above to join the live webinar at:

3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST &

8pm London time

Enter as a guest.  No password is needed.

Come with your questions and prepare to share your thoughts with others.  It’s amazing what we learn from those living with dementia.

For information and resources on Dementia and Caregiving check out Alzheimer’s Speaks website below.

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio –

Decision Making When Dementia Hits


Click above to listen live On Tuesday April 9th at:

11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST or 4pm London Time

Or you can mark to listen later as all shows are archived.

Tuesday we are excited to have Stephanie Erickson with us who will address the real tough conversation of decision making abilities with dementia.

Have an issue you need help with?  CALL IN – (714) 364-4757

Contact Stephanie on her Website    or by phone (514) 795-7377

Our 2nd guest will be Vicki Tapia author of “Somebody Stole My Iron” who discuss her journey with dementia.

Want to talk to someone about how your family is dealing with dementia?  CALL IN – (714) 364-4757

Email Vicki at vicki.tapia@gmail.com or go to her website 

You can also contact her publisher via Website  or phone at 806.673.3901. Books can be purchased as paperback or eBooks via our website and on Amazon.

Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks Website for more resources and information –

Blog, Free Webinars, Tools, Resource Directory and more.

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Radio Host Lori La Bey also Does Keynotes

She is loaded with great information from around the world.


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New Video On Younger Onset Dementia

Once again Bakhus Saba does a great job raising awareness and shifting perceptions about Dementia.

Thanks Bakhus!

For more Information and Resources on Dementia

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Need A Speaker, Trainer or Consultant on Dementia  Contact Lori La Bey


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Bringing Alzheimer’s Awareness to Everest

It’s never easy to watch parents age. But, for those of us with parents or loved ones afflicted with neurocognitive disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s, it’s even harder.

Sometime in 2001, my dad was diagnosed with Multi-Infarct dementia at the young age of 50 years old. The diagnosis was later corrected as Lewy Body Dementia or, LBD. Over the past few years, my dad’s condition has deteriorated quite a bit, and it’s to a point where he doesn’t even remember or recognize me. It’s been a very emotional journey to see him decline day-by-day and, at the same time, it’s very frustrating that I cannot do anything about it, as dementia is a disease without a cure. I’ve gained so much experience in terms of knowing more about the disease itself, how to come to terms with it, how to deal with it — basically how to plan your life around it — so that you can give the utmost love and care to your loved one.

Here’s how I look at things – there was a time when I was born and my dad took care of me, and now I’ve been presented with this unique opportunity to be a father to my father. My wife and I do everything for him from sun up to sun down. We wake him up in the morning, draw his bath, change his diapers, prepare and feed meals, sing him songs, kiss him all day long, and finally put him to bed at night. Everything that he did for me as a child, I now do for him. And, as much as it pains me to see him in this state, I am a hundred times happier to provide a high quality of life for him. His every smile becomes an event to celebrate in our lives.

So this is how my life has been affected since his diagnosis; it’s been a difficult learning challenge and, yet, a wonderful experience at the same time. Instead of being sad, I would rather celebrate my dad’s life, and what he did for me, by giving him maximum love, comfort and quality of life.

And while caring for my father has been the most emotionally challenging experiences so far, I’m about to embark on the most physically demanding trial of my life by climbing Mt. Everest.

As a teenager in India, I watched a PBS NOVA documentary about Everest and was instantly fascinated by the mountain. When the first seeds were planted, I had no clue of what it would take to climb to the top. I just knew I wanted to stand on top of the world, without any inclination towards taking up mountaineering or climbing as a passion.

Back then, I didn’t even understand what passion truly meant or, for that matter, a word such as “mountaineering” existed. I was happy with my life full of friends and cricket. But, those documentary images of the scary Khumbu icefall, and the magnificent 3,000-foot ice-wall of Lhotse face, stayed with me in my subconscious. Then, one day in 2008, on a chance trip to the Himalayas with my supportive wife, we hiked to the summit of small peak called Hatu Peak. That was it. I realized that mountains were my calling and, since that day, I haven’t looked back.

It was during this time that I re-discovered my dream of climbing Mt. Everest, and decided to start training to achieve my goal and, here I am ready to leave for the journey I’ve waited twenty years to take.

I don’t like to think of this experience as overcoming an obstacle, for we can never conquer mountains. Instead, it’s the mountains that allow us to climb them and stand on their summit. Sir Edmund Hillary once said, “It’s not the mountain we conquer – but ourselves.”

Through my climb, I would like to raise awareness about dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurocognitive disorders not only for the diagnosed, but also for their families. I not only want to share my family’s story; I want to stand on top of the world and make my father proud.

Follow my Mt. Everest 2014 climb at my sponsors website CallFire’s, or check out our  FUEL Facebook page

Wish Him Luck!

For More Information On Dementia And Caregiving

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500 FREE Resources to Help with Resident to Resident Aggression – Dementia

eilon_blog_nameClick Above to go to Eilon’s Blog

Eilon Caspi picTwo years ago in April, Eilon Caspi, a Gerontologist & Dementia Behavior Specialist, launched a blog called: The Center for Prevention of Aggression Between Residents with Dementia.   Since then he has posted over 500 free resources on the center. The goal of the center is to raise awareness and improve understanding regarding the root causes of prevalent but under-recognized behaviors.  In addition, it is his hope that with this information people will be able to apply strategies which could help prevent and de-escalate unwanted reactions, we like to label “behaviors.

Eilon also helps out on “Dementia Chats,” a webinar Alzheimer’s Speaks provides FREE of charge to those who want to ask questions and have a discuss with our panel of experts who are diagnosed and living with dementia.  The webinars are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from  3pm to 4pm EST, 2pm to 3pm CST, 1pm to 2pm MST, 12pm to 1pm PST.  For more information on Dementia Chats CLICK HERETo go directly to the webinar, when live Click Here.


For additional information on Dementia and Caregiving please check out our website below.

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Need a Speaker on Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Caregiving;

Check out all of the programs Lori La Bey has below.



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In Memory

By: Michelle Remold

This past Friday, April 4, would have been my grandpa’s 97th birthday. My grandpa passed away six years ago on Saturday, April 5. I have written about my grandpa before, but thought that this would be a good way to honor his memory and his birthday.

My grandpa had Alzheimer’s during much of my childhood. At first, visiting him in the nursing home was strange to me. I didn’t understand why everyone on his dementia care wing acted the way they did. Soon the ‘strangeness’ of visiting the nursing home was overshadowed by all the smiles I would get from the other residents and I enjoyed visiting with them and learning more about them. There were a few WWII veterans, a former teacher, a nurse, farmers, cooks, and more.

Looking back I learned many things from spending time in the nursing home. I learned patience, empathy, not to take things too seriously, and mostly I found my career path. I realized that I wanted to work with older adults and especially focus on those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Without encountering the effects of Alzheimer’s, I wouldn’t have discovered my passion. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t had the experiences I have had with Alzheimer’s. I have had many people help me reach my goals and help me continue on this path, but my journey started with my grandpa and he will always be at the heart of why I chose my career. So here’s to remembering my grandpa on his birthday weekend and celebrating his memory.

???????????????????????????????Michelle graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with her Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology: Social Sciences and a minor in Family Studies. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Aging Studies and Nursing Home Administration from Minnesota State University Mankato.

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We invite you to join us for our

4th Annual Spring Conference and Luncheon

 “Understanding Mild Cognitive Impairment


Establishing Community Support”

 Thursday, May 29, 2014

Noon – 4:30 p.m.

$40 – Includes Lunch

Certificate of Attendance Available

 Register Here

For More Information on Alzheimer’s , other Dementias and Caregiving

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National Summit on Seniors & Disabilities Ministries Features Hope For Dementia

Join Us!

tlha_save_the_datetlha_summit_in_may_2014___2_hotelClick Above for more details

Experience a unique conference for congregation members, nurses, healthcare personnel and other individuals in the healthcare field or who have an interest in senior and disability ministry. Network with industry representatives at the educational sessions, panel discussions, exhibits and an evening celebration with entertainment. Earn 4.5 continuing education (CE) credits targeted for nurses and social workers.

Come Check Out:

Real Hope when Confronted with Dementia

-Lori La Bey, founder Alzheimer’s Speaks
-Rev. Curt Seefeldt, director of church relations, The Lutheran Home Association

This session will  change your perception of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementias. From personal experiences to God’s promises through Jesus, La Bey and Pastor Seefeldt will provide participants with understanding, resources and strategies that will provide hope and emotional and spiritual support.

Learning objectives

  • Learn to apply the promises of Jesus’ gospel in ways that provide comfort and give hope.
  • Develop a positive and objective mindset to the disease which will enable every caregiver to provide strong emotional support.
  • Identify educational resources which will help provide understanding to others.
  • Learn how local and global activities are making a difference to those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, their family and caregivers.
  • Understand the importance of spreading awareness and education of Alzheimer’s.

Check Out The Full Agenda Here!

For More Resources on Dementia and Caregiving Click Below

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio –

2 Great Authors –

2 Different Family Stories of Dementia

040214_alz_spks_radio_banner_renae_farley_tanya_goodmanClick Above to Listen to the Show

We go live at 11am EST, 10am CST, 9am MST, 8am PST and 4pm London Time!

Join the conversation via your computer or call in live to share your comments or ask your questions.

(714) 364-4757

Tanya Ward Goodman Author PicToday Tanya Ward Goodman’s will discuss her memoir “Leaving Tinkertown,” a story about her father with early onset alzheimer’s and their walk through pain, comedy and love.

Website   Facebook 


Business BrandingOur 2nd guest will be Renae Farley author of “All We Need Is A Happy Ending.”  This is a tale of two sister as they walk the path of dementia together.  You can email Renae through her website below.


Renae FarlyAll We Need is A Happy Endind

For additional Information on Dementia and Caregiving

Check Out Our Website Below

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Need a Keynote Speaker on Becoming Dementia?

Contact Lori La Bey…Click Below




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