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Fire Films and Starrett Lodge

Best Film – Your Voice

Reel Health Film Award for 2014 goes to Fire Films and Starrett Lodge for their exceptional film about person centered dementia care.  Check out this fabulous film and you will instantly know why it was honored with the Reel Health Film Award.

Congratulations to my friends Corinne Maunder of Fire Films and Colin McDonnell, of Starrett Lodge in Austratlia.


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Naomi Feil

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Radio_LQ_062314_purple1 (814x300)Click Above To Go To The Show

Airs Tuesday at 6am EST, 5am CST, 4am MST, 3am PST

NaomiNaomi Feil the Founder of  the Validation Program shares and celebrates her 30 year journey shifting our dementia care culture with us on Alzheimer’s Speaks.

Naomi Feil, is one the true leaders in dementia care, working hard to shift our dementia care culture way before most even knew there was a need to do so.  This was a fun and interesting interview with one of my idols in dementia care.  I have been honored to meet Naomi on several occasions during the past few years and she is one of the most gracious and kind people I have ever met.  Below is a bit more about Naomi, if you are not familiar with her work.

Naomi Feil, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., is the developer of Validation. She was born in Munich in 1932, and grew up in the Montefiore Home for the Aged in Cleveland Ohio, where her father was the administrator and her mother, the head of the Social Service Department. After graduating with a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University in New York, she began working with the elderly. Between 1963 and 1980 Mrs. Feil developed Validation as a response to her dissatisfaction with traditional methods of working with the severely disoriented old-old people who were her clients. In 1982 she published her first book, Validation: The Feil Method, which was revised in 1992. Her second book, The Validation Breakthrough, was published in 1993, and updated and revised in 2002. Feil and her husband have made many films and videos about aging and Validation. Feil is the Executive Director of the Validation Training Institute and a popular speaker in North America and Europe. Since 1989 she has toured Europe 3 times a year offering workshops in Validation to participants in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, and Austria. Her books have been translated into French, Dutch, German, Italian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and Japanese.

naomi book 1 naomi book 2

naomi book 3 naomi book 4

Information available at:

naomi fiel validation logo



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Greg O’Brien on Dementia

Facing the Facts of Diagnosis


Check out Greg’s book

ON PLUTO: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio –

Giving Voice To All Dealing With Dementia

101714_ASR_Gianna_homesClick Above To Go To the Show

We go live Friday October 17th, 2014

12pm EST, 11am CST, 10am MST, 9am PST

giannamAnne Marie photoJoin us today to learn how Gianna Homes is inspiring & engaging those living with dementia.  Anne Marie Hansen the President and Founder of these residential care homes for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss patients.  We will also find out about there annual fundraiser, “Come Dance with Me.”


Contact Anne Marie      952.988.0953      Website


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Other Related Dementias – Plus Caregiving

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Lost in Technology

By: Michelle Remold

In the past I have written about how communication about Alzheimer’s and dementia is, in general, important for increasing knowledge and awareness. However, great communication skills are also needed to have meaningful interaction with anyone, especially those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

I think in a world full of emails and texting, we are losing the value of face to face interaction. Face to face interaction is very important when communicating with people who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. From experiences growing up, I learned that I would get a better response from my grandpa if I sat face to face with him at his eye level while talking to him. He might only give me a smile or make eye contact for a short amount of time, but I knew that he knew I was talking to him and not to someone else.

I have recently again found this technique to work well for me. I have interacted with people that others will say don’t respond to anything and show no response what so ever. However, when I visit with them, sit face to face, at their level, and make eye contact, I get responses. The responses might not be an answer to a question, but they might be a laugh, a smile or a glint in their eye.

I think that with all technology gives us that is beneficial, it is also taking away from our everyday face to face interaction. I don’t think that anything can take away from the interactions that take place when someone takes the time to sit and talk with someone face to face. It doesn’t matter if it is day to day interactions or interacting with someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, face to face communication is invaluable.

???????????????????????????????Michelle graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with her Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology: Social Sciences and a minor in Family Studies. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Aging Studies and Nursing Home Administration from Minnesota State University Mankato.

Greg O’Brien Veteran Journalist –

Finding Peace On The Water

greg_obrien_video_3_finding_peace_on_the_waterCheck out Greg’s book

ON PLUTO: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s

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WDIY Radio Discusses Dementia

Impacting Communities and Families


Click Above to Listen To The Interview with Marriage and Family Therapist Eleanor Bobrow explores the topic of dementia with her guests: Kelly O’Shea-Carney, PhD, (Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of the Dementia Center for Excellence for Phoebe Ministries), Lori LaBey (founder and CEO of Alzheimer’s Speaks), and Trina Johnson-Brady (Community Relations Specialist at Phoebe Ministries).

Building Dementia Friendly Communities:

Addressing Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders

Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
DeSales University, University Center
2755 Station Ave, Center Valley, PA 18034


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